One day I travelled by bus to Sinclair House for the  exercise group as was usual every Tuesday morning, but on the way a whacking great big hand came down from the sky, smashed open the window and tried to pull my head off, but instead I  was lifted out and whisked up into the sky by the big hand that seemed to be operating on it’s own.

 The hand didn’t belong to anyone else, just itself.

 I screamed and screamed, but no matter how much I screamed the hand just wouldn’t let go of me and all of a sudden picked up speed and took me up to Mars when I should have been at Sinclair house doing exercises.

 I tried to jump off Mars, but just as I tried a giant Jellyman grabbed hold of me and in an instant I was eaten.

 Meanwhile, back down on Earth at Sinclair House the member of staff from the Mitkadem said that Bernard Tisman hasn’t yet arrived, he should have been here by now, so a search party was sent out. 
 They searched and searched but could find no trace of me.
 In the end the whole world was searched but could not find me, so the answer was to send a space mission to other planets.

 In the end Mars was chosen so men landed on Mars, but were surrounded by Giant Jellymen.
  Fortunately the jellymen were transparent so whatever  they swallowed me I could be seen inside. 
 In fact they found a skeleton in one and opened up the Jellyman once they had stunned it. They took out the skeleton, examined it and found out that it was me for I got devoured by the jellyman.

 What the space crew didn’t realize, was that a big hand that had a life of it’s own had kidnapped me and whisked me up to Mars where I got  eaten by a giant jellyman.

The news of my death caused by a jellyman predator  who gobbled me up on Mars reached the Mitkadem Day Centre and they were shocked. But as they were talking the big hand that had grabbed me earlier on burst into the Mitkadem and tried to snatch one of the users, but was fought off with a broom. But just when they had finished with the big hand it snatched two members of staff and whisked them up into the sky.
  Fortunately there were police helicopters. They opened fire and the big hand let go of the two members of staff.
 They fell down to Earth and returned to their jobs.

 However the big hand still continued on it’s mad rampage despite being fired at and snatched loads of people off their feet and up to Mars where they got gobbled up by giant jellymen.

 Fortunately the menacing big hand’s reign of terror came to an end when it fell into an acid bath, which instantly dissolved it.

The End

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