the day he went to war

about a young boy who went to war at the age of only 16 he didnt know if it was agood idea or not he just done it he thought since hes parents are dead he had nothing else to lose he was wrong.

His name was duncan he was only 10 when his parents died he lived with his aunt her name was mary but she had to move to england because her son was in some sort of trouble so duncan had to get a job and  thats when duncan saw the flyer that would change his life for ever it was one of those posters to go to war so duncan made up his mind duncan decided he was going to war.

 the next morning duncan woke up at 06:00 duncan needed to get up this early because he was leaving to go to war this morning duncan was going to jump in a ship. when duncan arrived he saw heaps of other young soliders and one of them approached him 'hey names jim whats yours ' jim said 'my name is duncan'  duncan said 'good day duncan you nervous about war or are you exicted like me' jim said 'well im' they got interupted by there sargent 'attention!!!' everyone stopped talking and turned around to face the man his name was sargent parker he had big scar across his face the man standing next to duncan said 'man he looks realy weird' the sargent heard him and orderd him to do laps until he told him to stop the sargent started to talk again  he told us we would be training for at least a week he told us all the types of different training schedules we had and then he told the guy that was running to stop then we went to sleep.

The End

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