One day as I was walking down my own street I happened to bump into Gripper Stebson, a notorious school bully from Grange  Hill.

"Hoy,  Old Man, get out of my way, shouted Gripper Stebson.

"You're only picking on me because I'm 63 years old.

"Shut up Four Eyes shouted Gripper, you should be in the old peoples home, not here. You're also a shorty"

One of the support workers from my own home saw what happened.

Very Soon I arrived back at my home and told to steer clear of Gripper Stebson by one of the carers because he's  nothing  but trouble

"I heard Gripper calling you an old man all because of your age which is 63 years old and a shorty all because you're only 5 foot tall. That scum can't get away with it, I'm afraid It'll be best to remain in  your flat until that Gripper scum is caught and put away. It's not safe to  be out in the street whilst Gripper Stebson is around."

All of a sudden a brick was thrown through my window.                                                It was Gripper who brought his gang along with him.                                                     All of  a sudden after smashing my window the gang climbed up the drainpipe and burst into my flat and grabbed  hold of me. They then tore off my clothes and ripped the  stoma bag off my belly. They tried to force nails up my stoma and I screamed. This alerted the support  workers and they came up to my flat and opened the door. Immediately the staff grabbed hold of Gripper Stebson and his thugs and phoned the police.

The staff were shocked to find that my clothes had been torn off and my stoma bag leaving my stoma exposed. One of the staff grabbed a towel to put over my stoma and they had to call the district nurse to go and put a new stoma bag on my body.

Gripper Stebson  and his gang were caught and slung into prison.

Other residents were shocked. They all knew about that thug Gripper and what he was capable of doing.

The End

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