This is the story of a man who make's a mess that lead's to him being banned from a centre.

One day in the Dennis Centre during yoga Fred Foppy decided that he had to go to toilet because his bag and his bladder were full.

Fred Foppy went to the loo, but on emptying his stoma bag created an awful mess and the place stunk like hell, with the foul smell spilling right out into the area where the day centre users were enjoying themselves.

The smell from the stoma contents that were accidentally dropped on the floor was so foul and revolting that everybody felt sick, for the smell spilled out into the open area by seeping under the toilet door.

Fred Foppy did of course tidy up after use but some excrement was still left on the floor.

Very shortly Fred came out of the loo, when he was suddenly confronted by one of the staff.

"Hey you, Man, I want a word with you shouted one of the staff.

"You're absolutely disgusting, making everybody sick, shouted the furious member of staff, as she saw mess on the floor inside the toilet."

"I'm afraid I'll have to ban you from ever setting foot on this centre again, so pack your bags and leave."

Fred Foppy was banned from the yoga group as it was held in the Dennis Centre, the very place where he created a terrible mess in the toilet when the stoma bag contents accidentally dropped onto the floor.
This meant that he had to remain in the Mitkadem Day Centre every Thursday whilst everybody went to the Dennis Centre to do yoga because the yoga session was held in the day centre where Bernard Tisman created a mess when the contents from his stoma bag accidentally dropped on the toilet floor.

Boiling with anger Fred Foppy rushed towards the Dennis Centre and kicked it over.
Everybody inside was thrown about when the building toppled over when a mad Fred Foppy kicked it.

But worse was to come, for he picked up the Dennis Centre and threw it up into the sky.
The Dennis Centre flew across the road after being thrown up into the air and crashed right down onto a house.

The fire brigade had to be called and in an instant pulled the Dennis Centre out of the house from which it crashed right down on to and brought it over to the other side restoring it to it's rightful place.

Some of the day people attending the Dennis Centre wanted to bash Fred Foppy for what he did to their centre, chucking it up into the air, knocking it flying, then crashing right down onto a house.

One of the day centre users did however rush towards Fred and punch his head off, even thoiugh he was 86 years old.
Although he was 86 years old, that didn't however stop him from bashing Fred Foppy in revenge for what he did to his home from home.

Fred Foppy saw his head on the floor and tried to pick it up after a spiteful Dennis centre member punched it off but the head got confiscated, by none other than the 86 year old man who punched it off.
He tried to take the head home with him, when one of the Mitkadem Day Centre members stopped him from doing so and gave the head back to Fred Foppy.

The End

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