Chapter FiveMature

'Come on,' Ty led them deftly to a van parked nearby, all the while his eyes were scanning for danger. He was gripping the knife he possessed so tightly his knuckles were turning white.

'How did you know where to find us?' Cal questioned, supporting his sister as they piled into the van.

'I heard a crash,' he explained. 'At first I put it down to yet more destructive work from those vile corpses.' It didn't take a genius to know what he was on about. 'But then I heard screams, human screams. So I ran over here, helped your friends out of the water then came down for you two.' Ty paused to fetch a blanket from the back of the van before draping it over Holly's shivering figure. 'Is it just you four?' Ty's voice was merely inquisitive, but the atmosphere changed dramatically. Cal could practically feel the sense of loss and grief emitting from Annie and Adam and the quiet mourning from his sister.

'It's just us,' Cal murmured. 'What about you?'

'No, there's a big group of us a few miles away.' Ty revved the engine and Cal looked at him surprised. He definitely didn't look old enough to drive, but as he steered the van away, Cal realised he had no reason to be worried; he was clearly capable and experienced.  

'You're more than welcome to join us,' Ty offered. 'It's a big group and there are one or two people you may clash with but that's only natural. Besides, the rest are alright.'

'Yes!' Adam called from the back.

Cal turned round to stare at him. Adam rarely voiced his opinions, he was usually in the shadow of his confident outspoken sister and remained silent. Now, however, he was agreeing fervently, his eyes alight with enthusiasm and vigour, it was a surprising sight. 

Sick of having to make all the important decisions, Cal nodded, relying on Adam.

'We'll do it.' 

*    *    *


'You live underground?' Cal could tell Annie was trying her best to be polite, but she didn't manage to disguise the disgust and horror in her tone.

'Best way to be,' Ty replied. 

They were all stood round a small opening in the ground that led to what looked like the sewers. The stench was awful. 

'Come on.'

Ty sat down on the edge and began lowering himself into the dark, terrifying hole. 

'No, I'm not going down there.' Annie shook her head.

'You'd rather stay up here with the zombies?' Holly questioned. 'I don't know about you, but I want to live.' With that, she mimicked Ty, her legs dangling below her before she disappeared altogether. 

'You next,' Cal motioned to Adam. 

Annie reluctantly followed and as Cal got a hold on the slippery metal ladder attached to the side, he pulled the manhole lid back over them, a eerie grating sound resonating off the walls, all around them. 

'So this is what we've come to, living in a sewer,' Annie moaned from below him. 'How long is this ladder anyway?' 

'You're at the bottom,' Cal faintly heard Ty's voice and a small scream, followed by a chuckle. 'Steady!' 

'Urgh, this is disgusting.' 

Cal smiled in the dark. 

The End

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