Chapter ThreeMature

Cal was one hundred percent ready for them. 

Swinging the bat round, he connected it with one of their heads sending it crashing to the floor. The other four hissed angrily. One of them grabbed his arm and dug it's fingernails into his skin.

Jerking his arm away, narrowly missing it's hungry lethal bite, he brought his leg into the air and kicked it right in the middle of the chest. 

'Cal! Behind you!' a voice came from the doorway and to Cal's horror he realised it was his sister.

'Holly! Get back in the car now!' He brought the bat crashing round the other zombie's heads, one straight after the other silently thanking whoever was watching over them that they were slow and dim-witted. 

'No way I'm not leaving you!' Holly protested. 'There's some behind you Cal! We're not gonna make it!' 

Turning round, Cal saw at at least half a dozen more staggering through one of the back doors, moaning and baring their teeth. Picking up the bag off the floor, Cal grabbed his sisters hand and pelted it through the doorway, back outside and to the safety of the car. 

Once they were safely inside, Cal locked the doors shut and revved the engine before speeding back onto the road, the zombies lurching after them.

'Is everybody okay?' Cal demanded in a shaky tone. 

'We're fine, are you okay?' Adam replied. 

'I'm alright...Holly?' 

Holly was sat there shaking like a leaf. Her brown eyes were glassy due to unshed tears and the expression on her face was mixed between horror and disbelief. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, Cal gave his sister an awkward one armed hug.

'Holly, it's fine. I'm okay, we're alive, but you have to promise me you will never do that again! Do you understand? You stay in the car! Anything could have happened...'

'I couldn't just sit around doing nothing, you could have gotten killed!' Holly gasped.

'I know,' Cal soothed his sister. 'But it's important that you get out alive. I can handle myself.'

'Cal,' Holly's voice was low and serious. 'There is no way I could leave you. No way in hell. You're my brother and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe with me.'

Cal didn't say anything, there was no point. His sister could be extremely stubborn when she wanted to and he knew he couldn't change her mind. Sighing, he fixed his eyes on the road and concentrated on the long journey ahead.

'Where are we going to sleep?' Annie piped up after roughly twenty minutes of driving. The supplies from the garage had been rationed out and Adam and Holly were dozing peacefully. 

'Honestly, I don't know, ' Cal sighed. 'But we need to stop off soon.' 

'Nowhere's going to be safe. They're going to find us no matter where we are.' 

'I'm trying to remain optimistic, Annie.'

'Optimism isn't a choice in the situation we are in.'

'I have to remain positive...for Holly,' Cal whispered, mostly to himself. 

A pause.

'Thank you Cal. I mean it. You're the bravest person I've ever met, and I appreciate everything you're doing, for me...and my brother. Especially since...' Annie trailed off, looking out the window. 

'Well, we need to stick together in times like these...' Cal smiled up into the rear view mirror at Annie. Everything happened in slow motion after that.

Something crashed with incredible force into the windscreen, causing Cal to jerk sharply on the wheel. Total chaos. Annie screaming. Adam and Holly yelling out. Cal desperately trying to regain control of the car, but it was heading straight for the cold, icy lake. 

'The...wheel is STUCK!' Cal shouted. 

'Cal!' Holly screamed. Before anyone else could say anything, the car plunged head first into the freezing, terrifying darkness.

The End

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