Chapter TwoMature

Driving along the road, with the windows wound all the way down Cal momentarily forgot about the situation at hand and just allowed the wind to run through his hair and ease his mind. He tried not to dwell too much on the position they were in, if he did he was sure he would go mad. He needed to be strong and in control, for the sake of the others. If he just gave up now, the rest wouldn’t make it. He didn’t think they were incompetent but in a way he thought of himself as the glue of the group, holding everybody together. They were all very different and he doubted they’d get on enough to make it out alive. For instance, Annie had a fiery temper and she clashed a lot of the time with Holly, who could be extremely stubborn when she wanted. Adam was calm and quiet, probably too much for his own good, he’d never be able to have his say. 

‘Where are we going?’ Holly spoke up after a long silence. 

‘Honestly, I’m not too sure,’ Cal sighed. ‘I think we should just keep driving until we see somewhere safe enough for us to stay in.’

‘What was wrong with the place before?’ Annie grumbled from the back seat.

‘Other than the fact that we nearly got attacked by a zombie and it’s obviously so easy to get into? Absolutely nothing!’ Holly replied sarcastically.

Annie thumped the back of Holly’s seat so hard it made Cal jump.

‘Hey,’ Cal warned. ‘There was no need for that, just calm down.’

‘I hate this,’ Annie spat vehemently. She sunk further into the seat and pulled her knees to her chin, where she stayed in silence for a good few minutes. 

‘You’re not the only one,’ Adam mumbled. ‘Stop acting like this is only affecting you. I’ve watched just about everyone I love get killed by these…things, so just STOP with the selfishness.’ 

Cal glanced up in the rear view mirror at Adam with quiet surprise. It was completely understandable that Adam should be so upset, but he rarely voiced his anger. 

Annie squeezed her brothers hand and everybody descended into silence. 

*                                                                *                                                                 *

Cal wasn't sure how long he'd been driving, possibly only an hour or two, but he definitely needed to stop off and get some petrol soon. It was now pitch black, the stars glittered and twinkled in the night sky without a care in the world. Cal sighed wistfully, wishing he could go back to the days before any of this started, back to when things were...normal.

'Are we stopping off soon? I'm hungry.'

'Yeah, as soon as I find a safe petrol station,' Cal assured his sister. 'We'll get something to eat.'

Sure enough, roughly ten minutes later, Cal pulled into an abandoned petrol station, scanning to see if it was clear. So far so good.

'Stay out of sight and lock the doors. If there's any trouble, sound the horn and I'll come right away. Stay safe.' Cal planted a kiss on his sisters forehead before grabbing the bat and opening the door. 

Holly watched her brother filling up the car, heart pounding ferociously. This was the part she hated. She hated being in such a vulnerable state. She hated everything about this. 

Everyone was silent, all eyes fixed on Cal, willing him to be safe and to hurry up. The tick from Holly's watch seemed to reverberate in the eerie silence and each second passed slowly and painfully.

When Cal had filled the car up enough, he replaced the pump and slowly made his way to the little square shop, bat gripped firmly in his hand.

'Where's he going?' Annie questioned.

'To stock up on supplies,' Holly replied, her gaze never leaving her brother. She watched him check through the window to see if it was safe and when he decided it was, he opened the door and slowly made his way inside.

From in the car, Holly could see the shop had already been targeted by the zombies. She could see blood smeared up the walls and one of the windows had been smashed into millions of shards that littered the concrete floor. Bits of newspaper were stuck on the window pane, fluttering in the breeze. Shelves had been tipped over, tins and packets were sprawled over the floor. She could see Cal picking his way through the mess, bat in one hand and a bag in the other. He started making his way back out of the shop and Holly sighed in relief, sagging against her seat.

This also meant that she wasn't the first one to see them. Adam was. He cried out in terror.

'Cal! Watch out!' 

Holly's head snapped up to see at least five zombies emerging from nowhere and slowly close in on her big brother

The End

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