Mikhail RowsonMature

'Fucking zombies,'  Luke muttered, swinging the bat above his head and bringing it down with enough momentum to send the creature crumpling to the floor a few feet away from where it had been standing. No matter how many times I experienced it, the sound given when the weapon broke skin and struck bone was the most horrifying thing I had ever heard. It's not exactly something you could get used to.

I watched Luke bring the bat crashing down three more times until the head was just a slushy mess of brain and blood. It was enough to send Hanna fleeing from the scene. The sounds of retching followed shortly after.

'She's got such a weak stomach,' Luke said, wiping the back of his hand across his forehead. He kicked the re-dead corpse with enough force that another crack indicated several ribs breaking. 

'That's gonna leave a mark,' I said. 

'No time for humor here Mikhail. We have one purpose and one purpose only: to get supplies and get the fuck out of here.'

'Let's just hope we don't run into anymore of his friends. I'm not sure we can afford the ammo.'

'We don't shoot if it's just a couple of them, we know that. We don't wanna be swamped.' Luke pointed out.

'Well done captain obvious,' I saluted him, heading off to start on the scavenging. So far we had managed to pick up several toiletries; toothpaste, spare toothbrushes, several bottles of deodorant, toilet roll and um...feminine hygiene stuff (Hanna had to remind me of this). I began to grab some medical supplies, surprised at how much was actually left. I had just started piling bandages and painkillers into my rucksack when I heard Luke cursing.

I turned round, gun poised straight ahead. It was almost becoming a reflex.

'Looks like his friends came out to play,' Luke noted with unsettling calm. I followed his gaze and spotted over a dozen figures at the doors, scratching and moaning, thumping and shambling. 

'Are those doors gonna hold?' Hanna asked, a tremor in her voice. 

'Well I don't know about you, but I'm not willing to stay behind and find out. I got all the food and drink. Hanna did you find anything?' 

She shook her head.

'No worries. Mikhail man, you ready to go?' I nodded, relieved and swept half the shelf into my bag, not even bothering to read the labels before zipping it up and following them both out the back. 

We were long gone before the first zombie got through.

The End

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