The day belongs to the deadMature

Some zombie thing, as per usual.

All of the shuffling, stumbling figures seemed to be converging in on her. The vacant, dead look in each of their eyes chilled her to the core and whilst there was nothing particularly grotesque about any of them; no visible wounds or broken limbs, there was something very, very off about them.

Olivia didn’t say anything; she merely turned round and headed back into the house, deciding to call for the police. If they weren’t going to move, she had no choice but to call for the authorities. She slammed the door shut behind her, securing the deadbolt before reaching for the phone.

A blank, monotonous beep greeted her from the other end.

‘Typical. Fucking phone lines are down.’ She threw the phone over into the sofa and heaved a sigh, unsure what to do. She couldn’t explain the feeling in the pit of her stomach, a cold fist of tension seemed to squeeze her insides, throwing her heart against her ribcage and forcing her body into small, shaky tremors. To say she was scared was an understatement.

A thud from the door made her jump.

The figures on the lawn, they weren’t aimlessly wandering anymore. They were limping, dragging themselves round the side of the house. The noise from the door turned into one of mass banging; several fists slamming against the walls, against the windows.

‘Oh shit.’ She sprinted through the living room, nearly slipped on the hardwood floors of the kitchen and threw herself against the back door just as one of the figures stared to cross the threshold. A sickening crack ensued and her leg was suddenly bathed in sticky, lukewarm liquid. She didn’t allow herself to think about it as she locked the door with shaking fingers. The moans of the figures reached her ears easily. They were so haunting, so empty. So frightening.

She looked down to see dark red, almost black, splatters covering her skin from her knee down to her bare ankle. Her stomach lurched and she fought the urge to throw up as she grabbed the cloth from the sink and began scrubbing furiously, suddenly terrified that it was going to seep in through her pores. She knew what was happening. Despite everything, she knew.

Her beliefs, her morals, everything was about to change for her. She had seen all of the horror films, even read a couple of books from her nerdy brother’s collection when she had been grounded inside the house and bored. But now it was actually happening. It had to be. It wasn't a horror film, this was real life.

The End

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