The day belongs to the deadMature

I haven't thought of a title for this and it's VERY early days, but I just decided to try something new! When I say very early days, I've only just started writing chapter two!
Give a read and see what you think :)


It was just reaching sunset when he heard the disturbing, guttural moans. 

Cal’s head jerked up and he fixed his eyes on the door ahead of him. He was fully alert and his ears were straining to pick up any more noises. The rest were asleep, so it was up to him to check it out.

He pulled the duvet away from him, exposing his legs to the cool night air. He tentatively lowered one foot to the ground, trying not to disturb the others. 

Holly stirred in her sleep, a little crease forming between her eyebrows like she was having a bad dream. Her black hair was spread out like a fan on her pillow and her arm was draped across her eyes. Cal paused briefly to smile fondly at his sister, before making his way silently to the other side of the room. 

His hand reached out and grabbed the baseball bat that he had propped up against the wall before peering through the tiny crack in the wooden door. When his eyes rested on the source of the moaning, Cal tried his hardest not to yell out loud. He had seen many, but they never failed to shock him. 

It wasn’t looking at him, it was staring at a nearby parked car, containing a frightened family of four huddling closely together, desperately revving the engine. It sluggishly started making it’s way to it’s destination, arms extended. Cal didn’t get a good view of what this particular one looked like, but in the end they were all the same. The same, hungry expressions on their faces, the same bloodstained jagged teeth and the same lack of comprehension hidden among their eyes.

Cal decided now would be the best time to wake the others. He started with Holly, gently shaking her until her arm fell off her face and she blinked up blearily at him.

‘Cal?’ her voice was clogged with sleep and it took her a while to realise what was going on. ‘Oh no.’ her expression became horrified as it dawned on her.

‘It’s okay,’ Cal smiled reassuringly at her. ‘It hasn’t seen us yet. I’m just going to wake the others, pack up your stuff; it’s time to move on.’ As Holly got to work, he moved onto the twins. 

Adam was the first to wake and he was calm and collected as he silently packed up his stuff. Annie took a bit more work. She yanked her duvet over her head, curling up.

‘What?’ she mumbled grumpily, her voice muffled by the pillow. 

‘Annie, wake up. We have to move on, I don’t know how much time we have left.’ Cal urged her. He was beginning to lose patience. 

‘Go away,’ she protested.

Cal ripped the duvet off her and she shrieked out loud. Adam was there in a flash and clamped his hand over his sisters mouth, eyes widened with fright. Holly was frozen in motion, head turned towards the door.

His heart hammering, Cal slowly made his way back to the door and once again peeked through the tiny slit. It had abandoned the family and was now facing in their direction. 

Cal motioned with his hand for everyone to keep very, very still as he quickly moved out of the way of it’s line of sight.

Each minute ticked away as everyone stood like statues, waiting for some sign that it had heard them. Then the moans started up again and Cal realised with horror that they were getting nearer and nearer. He grabbed for the bat and raised it above his head, waiting for it. 

It started thumping and scratching at the door, it’s broken nails making a terrible grating sound as they dragged down the wood. The handle of the door started rattling and Cal grabbed a hold of it to keep it in place as he mouthed to the others Go round the back, I’ll meet you there. 

The others obeyed immediately, grabbing their stuff and silently filing out the room. As soon as they were all gone, Cal let go of the handle and stepped back.

The door swung open, creaking on it’s hinges.

For a terrifyingly long moment, Cal was stood there with his bat poised in the air and the figure in the doorway, masked in shadows appeared to stand there and stare at him, silently and eerily. 

‘Come on then…’ Cal coaxed.

It moved forward, moaning and baring it’s teeth. It was slow and stupid, but Cal wasn’t taking any chances. He brought the bat crashing down on it’s head with all his strength. There was a sickening crack and it fell to the floor, a puddle of red slowly pooling out. It’s body jerked and gave one final moan before it fell silent. Cal slammed the bat down once more for safety and stood there staring at the zombie lying on the floor.

‘It’s okay,’ he called to the others, eyes still fixed on the lifeless form on the floor. There was something vaguely familiar about it…the way it was dressed…

‘Thank god,’ Holly whimpered. She ran into the room and hugged her brother hard as she let the tears fall. Cal hugged his sister fiercely. 

‘Wait…’ Annie took a few, hesitant steps to the zombie. ‘Isn’t that Mark?’ 

‘Mark who?’ Adam enquired. 

‘You know… “Mad Mark”’ Annie made little quotation marks with her fingers. 

‘You don’t mean the homeless guy do you?’ Cal asked. 

‘I do mean the homeless guy,’ Annie replied, sorrow in her tone. ‘He never hurt anybody…’

‘It’s not easy Annie. But you have to remember that there’s nothing we can do to help them, we have to look out for ourselves and just make it out alive.’ 

‘I know,’ she sighed. ‘It doesn’t stop me from mourning them though.’

‘Where are we going to go now?’ Holly sniffed, looking up at Cal.

Cal seemed to think about that for a minute. Where they were was perfectly safe; the windows were boarded up and it was secluded. Apart from that one stray zombie, they hadn’t had any attacks so far, but wasn’t it better to keep moving? 

‘We should get a move on,’ Cal replied.

The End

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