The Day BeginsMature

A story about life in general.

Brian sat sipping his cup of coffee; thinking about the day ahead. He had appointments with two clients today.

The first at 11:00 with an elderly couple named Ed and Francis Drake. They were wildly wealthy and he managed some of their accounts in international markets. He was the firm’s leading “expert” on international markets. They always wanted to meet just before lunch time and then go out to lunch and discuss their investments and strategies. They seemed to be a very happy couple. Being retired, they traveled primarily on cruises. What the fascination of the cruise was for them he had yet to discern, although it seemed as if they always had a lot of fun taking them.

Brian thought about how he was going to approach these two "fun loving" people today and survive yet another dull lucheon with them. They were very laid-back but their overall "fun" attititude tended to make his insides wretch for some reason. They must study the markets during their cruses because they always had a lot of questions and seemed to work out in advance what information they were going to share with him during these lunch sessions.

The second appointment was with a new client. All he knew was that the client had about half a million dollars to invest and wanted to discuss an investment strategy. He knew nothing of his investment history and so this afternoon’s session would be a fact-finding meeting. Before he could recommend any investment options he needed to ask questions and gather information…

The kitchen phone rang and Brian instinctively picked it up before the second ring had completed..


“Morning baby! Do you have time to talk or are you getting the kids ready?” a man’s voice said.

“What?  This is Brian Spearman. Who’s this?”

“Oh sorry. I was distracted and thought you were Anna.”

“Anna left early for the office this morning. Is there something you want?” 

“Uhmmm.. no, just looking to talk with Anna about, uhmmm well, uhmm the Foster account. Uhmmm, I’ll catch her when she arrives at the office. Thanks anyway,” the voice said haltingly.

“Why did you call Anna “Baby?” Brian asked; feeling his face get hot with anger. He was too late with the question as the line was silent. The caller had hung up.

Brian looked at the clock; it was 7:50 am.  Anna normally left the house around 8:00 am, and he at 8:15 am. He racked his brain and realized that quite often Anna was on the phone with “the office” most mornings about this time; but only briefly. She always said it was her administrative assistant Sarah calling to review her morning appointments.  Brian made a mental note to deal with this and discuss it with Anna tonight. Something about the familiar way the voice had said the term “baby” was tugging on his “spidey sense” and he didn’t like it at all. 

Just then, his cell phone went off. He answered it slowly, only after reviewing the number that was calling. He recognized it immediately as a number from his office. A colleague and friend named Charlie Hansen. 

 “Brian here. Morning Charlie, what’s up?”

“Brian, you going to be on time this morning?  They just called a meeting of the entire staff for 10 am. Not sure what’s going on, but Janice said there are like three Feds here talking with Mr. Carlyle now.”

“Wow! Thanks for calling Charlie. I’ll leave right away. That’s really weird huh? I know I don’t have any problems with my accounts, so I’m not too worried. Probably just a standard surprise audit I bet. We’ve been through those before. Remember last year around this same time, the Feds stopped by unannounced looking for our records?”  Brian said.

“Oh yeah. I’d forgotten about that! The way Janice was talking, it kinda spooked me. You must be right Brian, but why would they call an all-hands meeting for that?”

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. Let me get my ass in gear and get in there. See you in a little while Charlie. Thanks for calling!”

“Okay, see you in a little while. If I hear anything else, I’ll call.”

Brian pushed the button to end the call and return to the main menu of his cell phone.

Quickly donning his suit jacket and tie, Brian went into the garage and pushed the button to raise the door. There in the cool darkness sat his blue BMW, chrome shimmering as the door went up, letting in a blaze of morning sunshine. 

Climbing behind the wheel, he backed out slowly, closed the garage door and drove to work…  

The End

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