The Day and A Life Time of A RobberMature

It had been along day. I had been fired from my job at Wilkinsins place. Wikinsins place was a fancy resterant  and I was the one of the chefs. I couldnt belive that that had happened. I was out of  A job and I was living in the most  expencieve appartment there is and i needed the money. It was right there when i knew that my life would go downhill from here.

I tossed and I turned all night thinking this could be my last night sleeping in comfort and i will never see this home again. when i finnaly got to sleep i drempt of a doorway that seemed so close but yet so far. I saw a band of robbers on the other side of the door beaconing to me to go with them and it followed them. i knew i shouldnt but i did anyways.


The End

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