A campaign to protect Southend Pier came after a huge dragon attacked it ripping it apart.

The pier had to have an operation in order to sew back the severed parts.

It had it's operation in southend General Hospital.

A temporary pier was  installed, using a 50 foot long sausage.

Imagine using a sausage as a pier to walk along but that's what Southend Council did.

The sight of a big long sausage being used as a pier attracted many tourists.

They were warned by the mayor of Southend not to eat the sausage as it was being used as a pier.

Southend pier remained in hospital for three months and had to be sent to a care home because it was to weak to be used again, so Southend Council built a new pier - made of glass.

People walking on the glass pier had to don slippers because if they wore outdoor shoes the glass could break.

The End

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