The Tuck Shop

When Miriam told the story to her new friends later on, she could never remember exactly why there had been a tuck shop. It was some charity event, she believed. Perhaps Red Nose Day, or something like that.

But that was not important. What mattered was that on that day, in their school canteen, there had been a tuck shop. And for some unknown reason, they were selling iced buns.

[By the way, the tuck shop did not - as far as I can remember - sell iced buns. I think that was just poetic licence on the part of my father. However, it may have done.]

Of course, Miriam was at the front of the queue. In her hand she was tightly clutching the fifty-pence piece that her mother had entrusted her with, and she was desperate for a bun. They were large, and round, and the icing was shining in the artificial light that came from the dirty old ceiling lights ...

"One iced bun, please," she said. It was an accident that she was given one certain bun, out of the fifty that were available. No one knew that it was in any way different. Well, they did afterwards. But it was too late by then.

So you see, Miriam became Miriam-Poggle quite by accident.

She started eating the iced bun, sinking her little white teeth into it in an ecstasy of delight. "Mmm," she said, and finished it in a matter of just three bites. When she had done so, she made to go out into the playground. But minutes later, she started to feel a little bit strange.

"I don't feel too good," she confessed to her friend. "My ears and nose feel a bit funny..."

"What's happening to you?!" screamed her friend in terror. "You're shrinking!"

Miriam looked down, and saw that Natalie was right. She was, in fact, getting smaller. Not only that, but her skin appeared to be changing colour. "I'm dying!" she cried out, frightened. "I'm going to die!"

Her nose lengthened, her ears lengthened, her skin and hair changed colour ... Miriam was well on the way to becoming a Poggle.

"Oh no," she muttered. "My father warned me never to trust food I was given by strange people. And you don't get much stranger than the canteen staff, that's for sure."

It is somewhat surprising that she was able to think so rationally, despite the fact she was changing species.

The process took less than five minutes. And when it was over, Miriam was about eight inches high. She was a Poggle.

The End

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