Miriam had always loved iced buns. [This, by the way, is not true. I'm not very keen on them, to be honest.] They were one of her favourite snacks, and she adored their stickiness. Whenever her mother brought them home from the supermarket - usually when they had been on offer - she was the first to poke her little fingers into the packet, looking up with hopefully large eyes.

So it was the iced buns that brought her downfall, really. She trusted whatever food she was given at school, and never thought of it with any suspicion. This day would change that, though. This day would change everything.

Let me tell you about Miriam. You know from the narrative so far that she goes to school, and she loves iced buns. But that is not enough for you to have a clear picture of her, so I will endeavour to paint a better portrait.

She was seven years old, bright for her age. Her hair was light brown, bobbed with a straight fringe. Miriam disliked the fringe, however, and was growing it out by means of keeping it in a 'top-knot' and never having it cut. It would take her months to grow it out - but soon enough, her fringe was the least of her appearance problems.

Her eyes were a deep, wise brown. Her older sister would say, as Miriam sat at the kitchen table listening to them talk, "She sits there looking so wise, but really she doesn't know anything." And her mother used to say, "All owls think a lot," because her eyes were so deep and large and she did look rather like an owl.

She was thin: very thin. This was not because there was a lack of food. There was always plenty of food in their house, but she was a fussy eater with a small appetite. At that time, she didn't even like pizza. So she was very skinny. However, her muscles were defined enough - she took ballet classes on a weekly basis, and had swimming lessons to keep her in shape.

Her hobbies mostly included books and writing. She wrote her first 'novel' at the age of six - it was a whole four pages long! At the age of seven she had already read JRR Tolkein's 'The Hobbit' and would have gone onto the 'Lord of the Rings' had her mother not said that she would 'enjoy it more when she was older'. But she also loves to dance and to swim. It is her ambition to have horse riding lessons one day. She plays the recorder. Next year, she plans to take up the flute or the violin.

So this is Miriam. Do you see her in your mind's eye? Remember - she loves iced buns. She is seven years old. And this is the day she realises for the first time that actually, being a human isn't really that great.

The End

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