The Dawn Of The Time Of Poggles

So this is the first Poggle story. The one I forgot when I posted the start of the others.

I hope you don't mind, then, that I've posted it now.

The Poggles have made their appearance on Protagonize already. The only thing is, I started with one of the very last stories. I started with the tale of the Space Poggles.

It make sense, of course. I had to choose the one I remembered the best.

But my father - who is the inventor of the Poggles - read it through and told me, "That's not the first story. Wasn't there the one with the tuck shop?"

And as soon as he said that, I remembered. It's taken a while for all of the details to filter through my brain - we're talking almost ten years ago here.

But I thought you deserved to have, for once, the first story.

The End

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