It couldn't hurt...

'Night, Mum!' Holly shouted down the stairs as she went up to bed. Her stomach was full, and Holly was warm and content and ready for a good night's sleep. Then again... She looked down at the book "Witches and all you need to know about them" as she got into bed. 'Hmmm...' Holly said quietly to herself 'I s'pose it couldn't hurt... Just a couple of pages-It is only five past nine, and it is the holidays... Ok.' Holly Picked up the book and opened it on the first page.

 "Dear reader," Holly read exitedly "You may have expected to find in this book tales of evil witches turning villagers to frogs and so-on and so-forth. You may have been seeking to hunt down these "vile creatures" and learn the signs that show they are about. If you are one of these people, stop reading now. In this book you will not find tell of hag nor wizard, but words of famous Shamen and Wiccans that have long moved on now into the great beyond." Holly started to think she'd got the wrong book.

'This is all boring grown-up stuff, I don't want to read this, do I?' Holly's eyes started to feel heavy. She set the book aside, and quickly fell asleep, floating away... Not caring of anything happening around her, next thing she knew, she was floating in complete blackness. After a while (Holly wasn't sure how long exactly-like you do in dreams) she saw a faint red and green circle infront of her. It was getting bigger... Bigger... Until she could make out what it was-it was a giant wreath of roses floating towards her. Eventually, she drifted right through the middle of them, and then once again, everything went black.

The End

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