Friends and why you need them

'Right,' Holly said after half an hour of jotting down notes from "A biography on Louis Pasteur" 'I think I've got all I need here...' She checked her watch 'Oh! Look at the time! I best be going!' Holly reluctantly set down the two books, wondering what the other contained, unaware of what it really was. On her way out, her friend Jess at the counter called to her 'Oh! Hol? Were you going to read that book? The leather one?'

 'Sorry Jess, I would've put it back, but I'm in a rush to get home! It's half past eight!'

'No Holly, It's ok, It's just... Do you want it?' Holly turned round, looking slightly confused.

'I was just wondering because, no one's picked it up since it got here. You seemed to look really interested, and that book's not gonna do us any good. You can take it if you want!' Holly felt over the moon. she ran to pick the book up, and rushed out the door, giving Jess a huge grin as she did so.

Holly jumped off the number 2 bus and ran down some streets and found her house.

'Hi Mum! I'm back!' Holly shouted down the hall as she shut the door and stretched up towards a peg to hang up her duffle coat. 'Is tea ready yet?'

'Hi darling!' Her Mum shouted from the noisy kitchen 'Tea will be in the dining room in a sec!' Holly walked down the hall and sat herself down in a chair at the end of the table, and was about to open her book, when her Mum came in with dinner. 'What've you got there, sweetie? Another book?'

A plate of sausage and mash slid infront of Holly, she picked up her knife and fork and started gobbling down her mashed potatoes to avoid answering. She couldn't be bothered to tell her mum about what had happened, or anything else. She was just too hungry.

The End

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