Witch book to get?

Holly jumped off the bus and walked up to the big oak doors of the library, and stepped in. Inside were vast collections of books, poetry... Fiction... Fact... Horror... A huge range of generes. Oh-and of course, the computers. Holly sat down at one of them and started rumaging in her pocket for her library card, but she couldn't find it.

'Oh no! I must have left it at school!'  Holly felt a pang of regret, that was the last time she'd take it out in class. 'Oh well,' She sighed 'Maybe while I look for a book on L-whatever his name was, I could maybe find a story book to read here as well!' She skipped off down an isle of shelves. 'A... B... C... D...' and so on. Until, 'L! Louis... Pasteur!' She then continued down the isle looking for reasonable story books. As her finger ran along the "W" section however, a tatty, leather-backed book fell out onto the floor.

'Hmmmm,' Holly pondered to herself, 'This book looks strange. I've never seen this here before, but...' She squinted at the book as she picked it up, as if it hurt her eyes. 'It looks really old. Could it have been donated?' The front of the book read "Witches and all you need to know about them" Holly's face switched to an interested expression. 'Now that sounds like a good story book!' She found an armchair and snuggled into it.

The End

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