Aquaintences meet again

'Oh God.... I'm going to be late AGAIN!' Holly shouted at the air in frustration as she rushed down the garden path and down the street. As she approached an alleyway she knew made a shortcut to school, something dashed out of it, and collided head-on with Holly. As if she wasn't stressed enough. The force of the hit made Holly feel like she'd been run over by a horse, as she looked up from where she was sprawled on the ground, she could make out the blurry profile of Corban.

'Hey! Watch where you-Corban?' Holly exclaimed. By now she'd concluded that he lived outside of town and he'd just been visiting an old relative or cousin when they'd met.

'...Hmmm?' Corban said as if he hadn't just ran into and been knocked over by her 'Oh! I am... SO sorry... Ummm...'

Holly realised that he didn't recognise her. 'It's, Holly? The one you met in the park about two months ago?'

Corban seemed to be fumbling with the cuff of his shirt 'It's ok. I remember you.' Then he grinned. 'Where are you heading?'

Holly felt slightly taken aback at this question. It was twenty five to nine. Didn't he know school started around now? 'Ummm... School? Where are you heading?'

It was like Corban hadn't even heard the question. He grinned at Holly again 'Meet me in the woods at 6pm when the moon is full.'

'When am I supposed to know when that is?!' Holly said, frustrated. She was late for school, and she'd just been knocked down by someone who was now arranging for them to meet up. 'Why do you want me there?!'

'The full moon is on sunday.' Corban said calmly.

'But... What? This sunday?' Holly asked. But Corban had already run off in the opposite direction.

The End

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