The wood, the thicket, the stream

Holly stood in the middle of the clearing thinking to herself

'Where could they be?' Holly asked herself 'I better go and look for them.' She ran off in the direction she had been facing, which led to a slope. She ran down it quickly and carefully, trying to make sure she didn't fall in the thicket near the bottom. A fox dashed across her path with some kind of bird in its mouth. No time to look. She continued to make her way down the slope. Suddenly a robin flew over Holly's path which was about enough distraction to make her forget about the thicket. She crashed into a tangle of thorns with an ear-splitting yelp and quickly struggled to escape the assembly of barbed plants. When Holly finally got out she shook herself off and was on her way again.

'Where are they?!' Holly said to herself after another minute or two of wondering around the wood 'Mum! Dad!' She heard a call somewhere not too far ahead of her. It hadn't been a human call. More of a wail, but it seemed normal to Holly. After another minute she had tracked where the wail had come from into a clearing with a little stream at the side.

There, in the middle of the other clearing, were two large wolves. Holly didn't seem remotely surprised or frightened at this, and the wolves showed no sign of aggression towards her. The slightly darker one of the wolves was giving Holly a stern look as if to say something really bossy and motherly. Holly responded to this by saying

'I won't dehydrate, I'm not thirsty’ But the darker wolf then growled impatiently so Holly went over to the stream to get a drink. As she looked into it, there was a wolf staring up at her from the stream.

Holly woke up in her bed with a start.

'Was that a dream?' She looked around her room, then looked down at her hands, then felt her face. 'Nose, normal... Ears, normal... Mouth, separate to nose... Few...' She looked over at her clock. 6:00 am. 'I should get back to sleep...' Holly shut her eyes and with the other hand, squeezed her left wrist, which happened to still be wearing the silver and gold chain of huskies Jane had got her for her eleventh birthday.

The End

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