Rain, rain, go away

Holly didn't come back to school until her birthday, the 2nd of March. This was because Holly's mother was so concerned for Holly's health after the computer accident.

"Oh, Holly! My poor poor Hobby-Bob-Corn-Cob!" Her mum had said. And Holly had replied:

"MUM! I told you, don't call me that! Believe me, I'm fine-"

"No, Hol, you're in shock! Go to bed!" Holly had thought her mother's reasons were a bit irrational, but she'd never won a serious argument with her mum before, so she'd spent the next day in bed.

Her birthday, however, was a bit more interesting.

'Happy birthday, Holly!' Jane cheered (They'd made up from their argument the day before on the phone) Holly opened her present Jane had given her,

'Oh! It's gorgeous!' It was a bracelet with lots of little charms all around it shaped like huskies-Holly loved huskies. 'Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I LOVE it!' 

She wore it for the rest of the day, and seemed to be really enjoying her birthday, but it was ruined by the arrival of Lewis, Evie and Connor at the end of school.

'Heh, nice bracelet, antface! It'd be a pity if someone broke it...'

'Get away from me!' Holly yelled at them as Lewis reached for her birthday present encircling her wrist.

'I only wanted to look!' Lewis replied 'Give it 'ere!' And the group of three started running at her, Holly darted out of the playground. She'd been hit by Connor before; she didn't want that experience again, especially on her birthday. She was only two blocks from her house, she could make it if she went off down an alley...

'Why so fast, antface? Gotta get home to check you've got all your ants?' That was the last straw. She couldn't put up with it any longer. She stopped in her tracks. Lewis managed to react quickly, but Evie and Connor Ran into the back of him resulting in all of them falling over.

Holly turned round and glared at the mound of children struggling on the pavement, and bravely waited until they'd got up.

'Why d'ya stop, antface?' Lewis panted 'Did you-'

'Will you just SHUT UP?!' Holly yelled at him. Connor and Evie looked astonished, while Lewis looked fuming, yet lost for words. Suddenly, the sky roared in a furious clap of thunder, from out of the blue lightening flashed out around the neighbourhood and it started raining tempestuously.

'Oh, God... My hair! My hair gel! The rain'll ruin my hair!' Lewis screeched 'C'mon guys, let's go!'

'But what about-?' Evie and Connor asked in unison.

'We have to go, NOW!' Lewis shouted and they ran off down the street.

'...Seems like the weather's on my side.' Holly said to herself as she started to walk home again.

The End

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