The computer problem

Holly looked in the park for Corban on saturday and sunday, but he was nowhere to be seen. She'd never had a friend who was a boy before, and he'd just disappeared. Aside from Jane, he was the only friend she had; for some reason she just couldn't fit in at school. There were some people who she got along with, but weren't truly her friends.

She went back to school feeling a little glum, and for the first time, not because school was starting again.

'Oh, cheer up Hol,' Jane sympathised at breaktime 'Atleast your birthday's coming up in a week!' Holly perked up after that, up until two days before Holly's birthday... February 28th...

It was in the ICT suit at school, when Jane and Holly were printing out their English projects.

'So, who is this Corban guy anyway?' Jane asked with interest.

'What? How d'you know his name?' Holly asked, shocked

'You told me his name, Hol'

'No, I didn't!'

'Ok, Holly! Calm down!'

'How d'you know his name?!'

'I told you, you-' But at that moment the screens of the girls' computers started to flicker, Holly didn't seem to notice

'How d'you know his name?!' This stole Jane's focus.

'Oh my gosh, Holly! You're so stubborn!!!' Holly's face went bright red, and suddenly her and Jane's computor made a little BANG! And the screens went black. Both of the girls jumped back in fright, then looked at each other in astonishment, before Mr. Stacey interjected.

'Girls! What's going on here? What happened?'

'W-we were just... just working, sir.' Stammered Jane

'And they...' Holly struggled for words 'They... The computors... Blew up.'

'Well, let's see what the problem is...' Mr. Stacey ducked beneath the table to where the computor was to inspect it. 'Can't see any loose fuses, must've overheated. I'll call CEF.' Holly awoke from what seemed to be a trance.

'CEF?' Holly seemed confused, 'Corban...'

'Sorry?' Mr. Stacey had turned around 'Yes, CEF. Stands for City Electrical Factors. They provide the school computors.'

Holly went home that day in bewilderment. What had just happened?

The End

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