Corban Eaves Fisher

There was a boy sitting on the edge of the flower patch who seemed to be holding a butterfly in his hand... And talking to it?

'How odd!' Holly said to herself as she walked up to him 'How are you doing that? Is it a toy?' The boy looked up with a start, as if he'd half expected there to be no one in the park, despite the fact that it was crowded.

'Oh, ummm...' The boy mumbled 'I don't know, it just flew into my hand.' He stared at the butterfly, which seemed to be staring back.

'That's really cool!' Holly said quietly, so as not to disturb the butterfly '... What's your name?'

Once again, the boy looked startled.

'Oh, ummm...' The boy gave the butterfly a chance to fly off, then turned to Holly, looking more focused on the conversation now 'Corban. Corban Eaves Fisher. I know, it's weird... But-'

'I don't think it's weird!' Exclaimed Holly 'That's a really cool name!'

'Really?' Corban asked hopefully 'Why? What's yours?'

'Holly... Holly Wester.' Holly sighed 'Not very interesting, is it?'

Corban chuckled softly 'Well, I think if you're going to judge someone, you should judge them through their personality, not their name.' Holly smiled when he said this. She hadn't ever met anyone before so fathomless.

'Thanks.' Holly blushed 'So, how were you doing that butterfly thing? I can tell you're hiding something' Corban seemed quite uncomfortable at this question.

'I told you, It just flew into my hand!'

'Ok, ok! If you say so...' Holly felt disappointed when he said this... She would've loved it if she could summon butterflies out of the blue. Then all  the children at school would do anything to be her friend because of how cool she was.

'Oh, God-Is that the time?!' Corban said, looking at his scuffed watch 'Sorry, I have to go...'

'Will you be here tomorrow?' Holly asked. She'd just made a new friend, she didn't want to lose them.

'Depends...' He said, and the rest of his words were lost as he sped off out of the park.

The End

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