At the park

'Come on Hol, you've already spent four days inside, spend your last one getting some fresh air!' Groaned Holly's Dad through the crack in her bedroom door, 'Oh, come on Hol... Just come to the park with us, you can get whatever icecream you want!' Holly sat bolt upright in her bed.

'Any? even a Double Ripple?' Holly asked hopefully.

'Any, yes. Even a Double ripple, if you really want it.' Repeated her Dad, 'Although, I wouldn't. It'll rot your teeth!'

'Not if I brush them really well!' Said Holly as she pulled on her socks and shoes 'My favourite part of the holidays-the things you bribe me with!' Holly followed her Dad down the stair and into the hall where her mother was putting on a coat.

'Better put your coat on Hol, It's pretty windy out there.' Her Mum said grinning (It must have been the fact Holly was finally out of her room, she'd only come out for meals)

'It can't be that windy, Mum. Anyway it's not like I'll get a cold in spring.'

'I think it should be spelt "Hollyday" instead of "Holiday", because you seem to be the one in control this Easter!' Laughed Holly's father.

Holly tutted loudly, 'You’re so cheesy sometimes, Dad!'

When the Wester family arrived at the park, it was packed full of children. All of them presumably making the most of the last official day of their holiday.

'I'm gonna go see if Jane's here!' Holly said to her parents, and ran off.

'I'm guessing she doesn’t want that Ripple, then?' Said her father jokily to himself, as he watched his daughter skip happily away.

 Holly gave up searching for her friend after five minutes because the last area of the park to look in was where Lewis Butterhouse and his minions were. But there seemed to be someone else who was alone, on the other side of the park...

The End

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