Forgotten, remembered

Holly didn't remember her dream the next day. As she woke up with her eyelids glued together her mind was only on the smell of bacon coming from downstairs. She didn't notice the book lying by the bedside table. She just stumbled almost entranced, towards the kitchen.

'Hi there sweetie, had a good sleep?' Came the voice of her mother 'I've made bacon and eggs, a nice start to the holidays...' She stalled her sentence while she served up the bacon next to the eggs, 'What d'you want to do today, hun? -Or are you too asleep to answer my question?' Her mother giggled as Holly looked around dopily. 'I'd expected you to be lying in, what with the holidays and all... It'd be the perfect chance for you to read your new book-' Then Holly remembered. Though she didn't know how.

'Oh! Mum, I had the weirdest dream last night!'

'Really, hun? what about?' Holly relived her dream for her mum over breakfast, when she'd finished reciting it, her mother said dreamily,

'Maybe the spirits are trying to tell you something'

'What?!' Holly said, puzzled by her mother's words.

'I said maybe it was that Fanta you gulped down so quickly last night. Sugar can do funny things to you, you know.'

'I-oh, yeh...' Holly mumbled. She had just heard two completely different sentences. If that Fanta had made her have the funny dream, she still couldn't explain what she had just thought she'd heard her mother say.

The End

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