The dawn of Rose Wolfheart

Holly thinks she's just an ordinary 12 year old girl. Until, she stumbles upon a book of magic, and finds out she's a witch. Little does she know she will turn out to be the greatest witch of her time.

'Bye, Holly! See you after the holidays!'

'Bye Jane! See you then!' It was the start of the easter holidays, and Holly was really looking forward to lazing around the house for as long as she wanted (At least until her parents told her to "Go out and get some fresh air!").

'Now, Holly are you going to do that essay on  Louis Pasteur I set for you?' Mrs. Clathwate sniggered, 'Or are you going to "loose it" like all your other homeworks I've given to you?'

'I won't loose this one miss' She lied. 'I really like writing.' She didn't. She loved reading, but hated writing. Mrs. Clathwate gave her a mixed look between suprised and dis-believing and walked off to talk to a parent so Holly found no reason for staying and set off for home.

 Holly Wester was a girl of average height for her age (10 years old) and had dark brown, shoulder-length hair which even in the slightest breeze, would swish about everywhere and tangle up easily. She had bright greeny-bluey-grey eyes that everyone would comment on which made Holly feel proud since not even her parents had these eyes (But at the same time she got annoyed from everyone going on about them). Though, the characteristic that really annoyed Holly above all others, were her freckles. She was covered in them from head to foot, and people (Mostly the boys in her class) would make fun of her and say she was covered in ants-what's worse is that the first time someone said that to her she didn't realise it was a joke and ran off screaming for help.

'Hey, ant face!' Came a voice from behind her, 'Hey! Y'know you've got poo all over your head? Oh-wait, It's your hair!' A chorus of chuckles sounded behind her, the first voice belonged to her arch-nemesis: Lewis Butterhouse while the other voices were from his friends, Connor Waters and Evie Hampshire.                                                               

'Oh go away, idiots!' shouted Holly, she could feel her face getting redder 'Aren't you getting bored of following me home every day?!'

'No, actually we're not!' Lewis answered in a squeaky imitation of her voice which was followed by Connor and Evies' sniggers. Holly sighed and quickened her pace until she couldn't hear their voices anymore. One day she'd get back at them, she just had to bide her time until then.

When Holly got home, her parents were there.

'Holly darling! It's the end of school whoo hoo!' Holly's mum always liked seeing her daughter smile, and so tried to make her daughter do so as often as she could. Holly grinned at her mother.

'Hey mum... Wanna help me write my essay?'

'Oh Hol, I'd love to help you get it out of the way, but I'm off to the shops to get some sausages for tea-and Dad's cooking the veg.' She said as Holly looked hopefully towards the kitchen.                                                                                                                                                             'I'll just have to look it up then, I suppose...' Holly said, when her Mum suddenly exclaimed, 'Oh! Hol by the way, the internet's down. Thank's for reminding me. It should be back on tomorrow.'

'I think I'll just go to the library and look it up then.'

The End

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