The Daughter Of Athena: Ch. 1

Chapter One

The smoke detecer went off in the kitchen and I hurried down to see what happened.

My dad was trying to make eggs, but turned the stove on too hot.

"What were you thinking?" I yelled over the beeping as I grabbed the handle and turned it all the way off.

"I just wanted to make you breakfast before you know left." Dad muttered ashamed.

"Well, that's very sweet of you, just don't do it again please?"

"What ever makes you happier."

"Thank you, now I gotta leave to get on the plane." I kissed his cheek half chewing half swallowing my bagel.

"Bye sweetheart!"

"Bye Dad."

"Love you."

"love you too."

I closed the door behind me shaking my head. My dad may be not able to do things, but he sure was a marshmellow. I knew why Athena loved him.

I started walking toward the airport on the same street I had for four years. I could walk it by heart.

Camp Half Blood . . . .

I loved Camp Half Blood.

The End

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