The Daughter of Athena

The daughter of athena

Okay, this is a solo story based off of Percy Jackson. Here's the bio:

Aiden Michelle Carpen

Looks: Blong curly shoulder length hair, gray eyes, skinnier than regular fourteen year olds. She's a very good fighter, but she almost never wins because they go against Apollo's children.

Age: 14

Personality:  Nice, but when gets what she wants when she wants it. Very much like her mother.

Went to Camp Half Blood: She went to Camp Half Blood when she was ten years old. So she has been going for 4 years now.

History: She has never seen her mom. She lives with her dad, who never does anything. She's like the mom, and he's like the child. She makes him dinner, but when goes to Camp Half Blood leaves him to fend for himself. But her dad secretly hires a cook.













The End

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