The Dating Game

A collaborative effort of dating scenarios. I want short stories of dates going perfectly or perfectly bad. I want short stories of the completely compatible as well as combustible. True or fictional stories are both welcome.

Evan & Jen

Evan taps his index finger on the starchy white tablecloth, as they wait for their food, feeling the semblance of perspiration from the halo under his ice water. Meanwhile, Jen shifts slightly in her dining chair while maintaining a polite smile and wide eyes that Evan finds beautiful. 

"So what did you say your major was again?"  Evan asks her. 

"I'm undeclared right now actually. I can't decide if I want to do History or Art." She says while smiling. 

"History and art, eh? So you want to be a teacher? That's about the only thing you can do with those degrees unfortunately." 

"I don't really want to be a teacher, I just like that stuff." 

"So you like you draw, paint, sculpt, err..what?" 

"I doodle."  Jen says, still maintaining her polite grin. 

Evan laughs lightly at the simplicity of her response. 

"Doodle, eh? Like what you do when you're bored in class?" He asks, trying not to condescend. 

"Yep! I love rollerblading too!" 

Rollerblading? He thought. 

Where the hell do you roller blade? We live in the same area. There aren't even sidewalks in the neighborhoods...

And who the hell goes for an Art degree simply because they "doodle?" 

"Ah, okay. I used to skateboard when I was in high school, but that's about it. I quit because I kept twisting my ankles and hitting my knees on things."

Evan said, staring into his water, as he rose the glass to his lips.

The waiter arrives with a large black platter of food and places the two cheeseburger meals in front of them. Immediately, Evan begins to tear the excess bun from the cheeseburger, attempting to even the ratio of meat to bread. 

"Oh my gosh! You do that too?!" Jen gawks in amazement. 

"Uhh..err..yeah? I don't like too much bread." 

"I do that too!" 

Evan continued to look into Jen's eyes as they turned from beautiful and vibrant to empty and ignorant. 

I'm not sure whether this girl is serious or not. She's either the dumbest person I've ever met or the most witty satirist to ever walk the Earth. Does she think we're soul-mates because we both hate excess bread? What an idiot. 

No wonder she's undeclared as a major. She doesn't know what she wants because her personality is nothing but mundane habits of a ten year old and that stupid expression on her face. 

I wish I wasn't here. I'm not paying for her food. 

The End

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