The Date, Grim and Ben

Collaborative story featuring my character from city of heroes, Geldreth(Bennett) and Grimaulkin(Michael) which belongs to Warwriter
Gay romance.

His heart was pumping.  Five before six, Grim would be home in a few minutes... Bennett started hurrying up, He quickly lit the sea of candles he had placed all over the apartment before fetching the Sushi he had spent most of the day making from the fridge and setting them on the table. Maki, Nigiri, Californian, Philadelphian roll, and much, much more... If you could name it, it was probably now on the table that also supported a pair of plates along with ornate chopsticks for two...  Looking at the unbelievable amount he had made, far too much for two persons to eat, he realized maybe he went a little too far due to the stress.

He checked the clock again, two minutes before six. He closed the light, leaving only the candles's dim lighting to cast away the darkness of the evening. He took a moment to calm down so he wouldn't start babbling incoherently when his lover, Michael who used the nickname of grim, would walk inside the apartment of St.Maritial...

He straitened his clothes, a simple black blazer on top of a red dress shirt worn casually without any tie along with a pair of dress shoe. He wasn't really comfortable in them, but he wanted to wear something other than his massive combat boot for the occasion. He considered wearing his Eye patch for his blind right eye, but it was upstairs and he didn't want to risk screwing his timing. Finally he straitened his pony tail, reaching an inch below the shoulder level.

He tapped his front pocket... It was still there. Letting out a sigh of relief,  he pressed play on the huge stereo's remote which started playing "Halo" by Beyonce at a somewhat low volume, enough to be heard but not high enough to cover potential conversations. Personally he didn't like the song too much but he had surprised Grim singing along it a few times in the five months since they were together.

The motion detector was activated and the light of the front porch light up. That was the signal! Taking his courage with both hand Ben opened the door before Grim could...

The End

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