One last time

Jen remembered the last time she saw his smiling face, just the day night before.

Layed on that in the middle of the night, staring up at the moon and stars. She remembered taking in every last moment of it, but never really noticed it at the time.

Seeing his pale face illuminated by the lights of the sky, every shadow and every flaw. Jen thought to herself about how he was never a stunningly beautiful person. He wasnt the type you would look twice at in a crowd of people. But he was special, even if it was only to Jen.

It was a cool night in the middle of summer, and Jen had been going for one of her late night jogs. It suprised her to see him laying there, in the middle of the field, next to that old big tree. It didnt seem odd to her at the time. It was always their special place. Somewhere that nobody would disturb them, placed directly between their homes, somewhere for them to hide from the world when times were tough. Many times had they escaped from their busy lives and just meet up under the sheltering branches.

They layed there for what seemed like hours, talking about nothing in particular. Josh seemed quiter than usual, distant. He had something on his mind, thoughts that he didn't seem to want to share. Laying there staring at the back of the houses that backed out onto the giant field.

Jen remembered that night perfectly, seeing him staring back at her with that little smile,  yet there was a definate look of sadness and worry. Seeing him slowly walk away from her, turning back just once to smile at her one last time before he disappered into the darkness of his house for what would seem like the last time.

The End

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