The Darkness Within


A voice called out through the darkness of the old basement. It had just gone 3 am, and Jen had walked the mile to his house.  She really needed to see him. It had been a bad day. She knew he would always be there for her to talk to when things got to their worst. He had even given her a copy of his house key.

A small flickering light in the darkness caught her eye.  Slowly walking down the wooden steps, being extra careful not to slip and fall. It was never this dark.

Her foot caught on something when she finally reached the bottom. She kicked the empty glass bottle along the carpet. In the dim light she could just barely make out the pile of empty bottles and burnt out candles sat on the small table in the middle of the room.

As she slowly walked into the bedroom, she saw where the flickering light was coming from. On Josh's flat screen TV there was an image. Picking up the remote that was always stashed on the small sofa, she walked towards the TV,  wondering what it was he had been watching, and why she had this very bad feeling.

Slowly, the film started playing. A recording of Josh's bedroom.The room was dark, with candles burning on the table in front of the small sofa. Music drifted in from the background. The slow piano piece sounded especially depressing. It was then that Josh appeared on the screen.

The End

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