The Darkness That Dwells Within.

Just a simple short story that my friend wanted me to write. He gave me a line/theme and I worked with it.

A knock. Solid, rough, but steady.

Hazel eyes darted toward the door.

A stranger, she knew no one here, and as far as she knew no one knew her either.

Fear seized her heart, making it beat faster, pounding against her chest, and ribs.

A fire burning in her stomach.

Her body shook from the fear running through her veins, as she stood to see.

She slowly approached the door, and opened it even slower, scared of what lay on the other side.

The wind swept her hair up, moving it wildly around her face.

Leaves slid across the cement of the street, as the cold prickled and nipped her skin.

There was no one there...But then who had knocked?

The End

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