Cassandra was a tall, slender human typically vain and slightly arrogant. As the two girls casually strolled out of the house to make their way to breakfast, Avelidia didn't see the necessetiy of starting a conversation; which Cassandra did not approve of.
"I don't see why you are not talking to me this morning." The girl pouted angrily and stopped walking.
The elf in disguise turned around and put on a seemingly innocent voice, still flinching at its harsh sound
"You see, I don't feel right this morning.", in the same instance she shook her head at this ridiculous excuse, there was more to this.
"It's just, I don't see why hanging out eith Maerdo is such a big deal...I mean he is weird and different from us...", Cass trailed off dreamily and Avelidia used this precious time to think.
"Uh, Cassey?" The chessy nickname almost made her barf "Would you mind if I go back to the house? I really don't feel like breakfast."

Instead of walking back to Pimlico the efl broke into a sudden run until she reached the close woodland, breathing in familiar scents.
"I know you are here." Lowering her head she skipped up a tree and roamed the area with her eyes.
"I knew you would come."
The black haired male from ealier sat on a trunk examining her closely.
"Maerdo?" Avelidia angrily spat the words at him, leaving the elf speechless for just a second too long, giving her the time she needed to grab him by his hair and force him to the ground.
"Rule number one", she whispered in Élfian, "never reveal youre kalinto, and what do you do?"
Demanding a response she growled at him deeply,
"I revealed it", the male looked at her and stopped struggling.

She threw his head to the floor and stooped back and forth.
"Now we have to eliminate the whole place..." more to herself than to anyone she mumbled possible timings and strategies.
"Narad!", the exclamation sounded through the woods causing birds to leave their haboured nests.
"Why should I even consier listening to the reasoning of a Trassad? Now I know why I was sent, to clean up you're mess."

Maerdo got up shakily and adressed the female with confidence,
"I revealed my name, not because I am a fool, but because I love Cassandra."
The pure serenity shining out of his eyes baffled Avelidia and she stepped closer to the elf.
"You love a human?", amused she pushed at his chest so he fell into the dirt.
"This love, Trassad, is a maertyrum. She will die. Die like the rest of them"
She was now face to face with him and presented him her teeth, laughing. He stared breathing heavily struggling more under her strong hold.
"I will take great pleasure in getting rid of her, Haku", the word for dear lingered in the air between them like an unpleasent smell as Maerdo found his words again:

"I know where he is, Avelidia, I know it."

The End

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