When Avelidias eyes popped open she registered the dawning sun outisde, as well as the heavy blonde hair spreading next to her on the floor. She had always hated to sleep in a humans bed on the first night, it was disturbing to smell their scent while the were long gone.

She slowly sat up and stretched her limbs to shake off the stiffness inflicted on her by the hard floor. While she slowly got up she scanned the belongings fGracia; and found what she was looking for: Toothpaste. Smiling the elf picked up the familiar tube and walked over to the sink.
One of the only things I miss when I'm myself. , for elfs did appreciate Hygiene but did so with more basic materials.

When she had cleaned her teeth she threw on the uniform, now only feeling a small butning sensation, and took a closer look at the room. It was small and furnished only with the absolute run-down essentials. Walking over to the shelf Avelidida closely inspected a picture of Gracia and her friends. Closing her eyes she touched the photograph with the tip of her nail.

She inored the hard electric shock she received and kept on feeling for the pictures Furgla, also referred to as history. When she removed her hurting hand from it, she was satisfied. Cassandra and Livia. The names meant nothing to her, just a facade to keep up.

As she walked on the corridor towards Cassandras room, which she had gathered form the big sign saying: CASSANDRA. Smugly, she knocked at the cheap wooden door:

"Heya, Cassy? Time for Breakfast!", Avelidia tried not to be shocked at the rough sound of her human voice. Elfs had a naturally soft and velvet voice. Humans could compare to Rusty nails on this scale.

While she listened wearily to the exclamations of her 'friend', the elf put a bit of Mascara on, to mask the more fragile features of her mask. It wasn't perfect; but humans could never notice the difference.

"So you are unstoppable?", the soft voice rung from the end of the corridor.

Calmly she turned around and raised an eyebrow:

"That is what my name means, Faerla. What can I do for you?" She hardly stared at the male elf and bleaked her sharp teeth at him in defense.

"We are cooparating on this case, Utsiga. You better get used to my presence." Without saying another word he folded his hands to a polite bow and whirled back to wherever he came from.

Disturbed Avelidia leaned against the wall and started to make out all the ways she would like to kill that guy, although this was the first time she had seen him in her whole dreary existence.

The End

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