The Darkness of the HeartMature

This is a story about elfs, not the normals though, but a more evil and menacing variety. They have intruded the humans life in the present and are now terrorizing them, without most of them realising.

She entered the woods surrounding Gravewood Secondary School carefully and sniffed the air wafting towards her. Wrinkling her nose against the strong stench of sweat, that hung like a cloud of smog over the read brick buildings.  Here the students were dwelling on their dreary lifes.

Avelidia gracefully perched on a low branch and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper from the pocket of her leather skirt and read.
Gracia Kingsley, 16
Gravewood Secondary School, Kent
Pimlico House, Second Floor
Above these basic details the elf found the picture of a blonde, pretty girl and a piece of cloth; bathed in her scent. Frowning, Avelidia picked this cloth off the paper with her long fingernails and took in the distinct human smell of the girl.
Happily, she jumped to the ground and made her way towards the boarding houses of the school.

Once the trees surrounding her had lightened, the moonlight shone upon er black hair and ivory skin. Her ahtletic body combined with the dainty features of her face were surely pleasing to the human eye. Thinking of this she grinned up at the moon, letting her crimson eyes shine like two rubys.

As she stood beneath the window of the human, her senses alert, Avelidia clambered up the strong oak closest to the window and took in the surrounding environment with the night vision of an elf. The other boarding houses were positioned a little further away from Pimlico, behind a group of trees. Her refined sense of smell allowed her to take in the moist characteristics of a close by pond, occupied by a great number of toads.

Re-gaining her concentration, she now stared through the open window into Gracias room. It was already empty. A catcher had visited earlier, so now Avelidia could take her place.

She entered without effort, and took in the features of the small room. There was simple bed, a chest of drawers and a desk. The walls were just clustered with pictures from Bands and friends.

Uninterested the elf pulled out a pair of Pyjamas, which immediately burned her hands. Cursing, Avelidia took off her leather harnish and prepared herself for the pain that these human pieces of clothing were going to inflict on her. 
When she pulled them on, she felt the burning and scratching as her knees gave away to the pain. Now on the floor the elf fought against the cotton and rolled on the floor trying to make the burning and bruising stop. 
A low groan escaped her throat as the pain finally subsided into avalon. 
Tired and bathes in sweat Avelidia got up and checked her face in the mirror.

Satisified she saw the brown-eyed face of Gracia Kingsley; grinning back at her with razor sharp teeth.

The End

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