The Darkness of EgiriMature

Walking through the the schools stone walled halls, I felt suddenly nervous, let alone slightly alone at all the students looking at me as if I had a sword through my face. Some sneered as I waked past, showing their fangs like I was supposed to be incredibly frightened of their pathetic attempts to actually look tough. 
Vamp or no vamp, all I wanted to do was show them my middle finger and say "Suck on that." But I very much doubt that would make a very good impression, even though my presence is ever abating my social status. 
    "What the hell is he?" Some girl with a high pony tail whispered to her friend, who had alarmingly red lipstick on, as I walked past. 
    "No idea, all I know is, I would definitely not kick it out of bed." Pony tail laughed, shocked at her friends outburst. I smiled. Nice to know I guess. 

What was making me nervous though was the thought that I had no reason to be here. I wasn't interested in being 'educated' here, and I definitely wasn't in any trouble. Not that I knew of anyway. So what was I doing here? 
I was on my way to see the famous (well, famous in this world anyway) Professor Hershall Layton. Hershall was a very prestigious  - to be honest I didn't know what he was - all I know is that he worked in this worlds government as an adviser.
Hershall was a do-gooder, and wanted to help the 'generation of tomorrow'. Lucky for him the last Headmaster copped it just as he made the decision to leave his office to become a pencil pushing, cuddly, teacher and took over nearly instantly.

I knocked on the door, a short sharp "Come!" came from the other-side. Opening it, the large, circular office was full of little nicknack's that I didn't have a name for and bookcases that stood up to the ceiling and traveled round in a half circle against the wall. The rest of the walls were covered in different lengths of shelves, all made of a different wood to the next, and all of different heights traveling up the wall. The rest of the space was filed with people I didn't recognize in large picture frames, again not matching, and the desk was filled with jars full of goo and dried stuff. Papers were also on it, covering the mans face they towered so high. The room seemed to travel upwards forever. But somehow it all fit.  
As Professor Hershall stood up his watery, hazel eyes lit up. "Ahh Rowan! You made it dear boy. Come in, come in!" He ushered me from the door. "How are you? - Woops!" He knocked over one of the jars, as it plunged to the floor I quickly caught it before it's unappetizing contents smashed all over the sleek floor."Well thank goodness your here, otherwise that would of been a disaster." Passing the man his jar of goo, he hugged it to his chest. "Thank you. Now, where was I?" Hershall put the jar back from where it fell and pointed for me to sit in an armchair I didn't notice before. "Now. What to do with you." 
    "Do with me?" 
    "Yes. Do with you ... but what?"
    "Excuse me?" 
    "Yes, Rowan?" 
    "No sir, I was just wondering what I was doing here. This place isn't for my kind, you know that, and I doubt you've called me here to offer me a job as a cleaner." 
Harshall smiled, "I like you Rowan and I want to offer you a place at this school." 
    "A place at the school, this school, the school for paranormal 'creatures'?" What was this man thinking?!
    "This school indeed, Rowan."  I didn't say anything back for a while, and Harshall seemed quite content to leave me with my thoughts as he started to play with one of the mixtures in the jar. 
   "Why?" I finally said. 
   "Because I think you have potential, I am giving you the gift of an education. You could make friends, have a life. You shouldn't let what you are get in the way of having a life you know." 
   "Do you have any idea what your saying?" Harshall seemed taken a-back. "I could seriously hurt someone., or worse, I could kill someone. It's alright for those Vamps, they get blood imported into this place, and the Witches, they just eat food, but me, what would I do? My kind don't belong in this place! And what exactly would I do with an 'education''?"  
   "You wouldn't hurt someone, Rowan, you know that, and this isn't necessarily a place of education. We train you to live in the human world, and we teach you to use your powers if you have any. But most of all, we teach you the way of the human life so you can integrate freely into their society." Hershall smiled, thinking he had sold me on the idea of actually studying here. 
   "And why exactly would I want to do that?" 
   "Because it would be better for you here, Rowan. You have no family and I doubt you have any friends," Well thanks for reminding me, I thought bitterly, "and I very much doubt you have someone you are close to." Hershall continued, "I can offer you a room away from the other dorms too, if that would help, Rowan. So will you been joining us this term?" 
   "I don't think so." I got up to leave, what a waste of time that was. 
   "Rowan" Hershall sighed, "Just give it a chance. How long have you been in those clothes for? I am no 'fashionista' - I think they call it - but I know they are not the best of things you could be wearing." I looked down at my jeans and short sleeved black top. Personally I thought the tatty converse completed the look. "You live in a shed for goodness sake, in he middle of a forest, with only a blanket for warmth. You have no purpose, Rowan, and you are throwing away the chance to make something of yourself."
   "Those things out there will guess soon enough, come on Hershall-"
   "Professor Hershall, Rowan." He interrupted disapprovingly I tried to calm myself down.
   "Professor Hershall, look at me. Six foot two, shaggy black hair, near to black eyes, thinks not the popular girl is the most beautiful, but the god-damned moon! Their going to find out soon enough, and then they'll be throwing tennis balls at my head' pissing themselves laughing as they shout 'fetch'!" I found myself nearly shouting, but the door and walls were so thick it was unlikely that anyone other than Hershall could hear me. 
    "So you will be joining us then?" I rubbed my forehead, this man didn't understand the word no. "Good. Mrs. Inash will be hear shortly to take you to your room and  help settle you in." As if on queue there was a knock on the door and a small ferret like woman walked in. "Ah good-evening Mrs. Inash, your right on time" he smiled, "This is Rowan." I tried to smile politely but it didn't come, my face was set in stone. Instead I just looked at her. She was wearing a floor length black dress, hiding any figure she might have, glasses on the end of her long narrow nose and beady little eyes. Definitely a witch. She just nodded at Hershall and smiled. "Well I hope you settle in just fine, and Ill see you tomorrow at breakfast in the main hall." I didn't say anything but continued to the door, following Mrs. Inash. "Good night!" Professor Hershall called after us, pleased with himself. 

As the door closed behind me, Mrs. Inash walked swiftly down the hall. The two girls were still there, leaning against the wall talking. I glared at them without meaning to. 

What do you know. The first werewolf just enrolled into Egiri. What could possibly go wrong?  

The End

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