Will and Lorcan.

My best friend, Will, Has a dad like mine. His brother Lorcan is Lily's best friend. I knew I had to ask them too. To come with us. Their life is horrible. Its been horrible since the day their mom fell ill. Four years ago.

         This is their story.

    Will paced up and down the hallway in the hospital. "Would you stop that, you're killing me!" Mark, the boys dad yelled. "Sorry, Father" Will muttered silently. Lorcan shuffled in his seat. "Lorcan! Stop that nonsense" Mark shouted. Lorcan didn't know what to say, he was only barely two. "Mr.Johnson?" Called a quirky looking nurse, "Your wife is requesting to see you now". "Ok" He grunted and strolled ponderously into his wife's room.

              "Are the boys ok" Asked Emily, the boys mother. "Yeah, just they're concerned about you" He mumbled under his breath. "Can you ask them to come in?" She choked, "Doctors said I have max a month left, but you know that feeling when you know something is going to happen, I have it, I going hun". "Sure" Was all Mark managed to say.

             "Boys! Mom wants to see you guys" He said. "Ok" The mumbled. The walked in and the sight of their mother made them burst into tears. "Hey, Kiddos, Why so sad?" Mom spluttered. "Are you dying mummy" Will asked tears welling behind his eyes. "Yeah, boys, This is the last time you'll see mommy for a long time, but I promise, We will see each other again". She explained.

             Will,Lorcan and Mark sat in a dull room, 1am in the morning, staring at Emily, dead. 

               Mark was never the same since Emily passed away. He beats the boys. He seriously depressed. Most days, he doesn't even care enough to get out of bed. The boys are left to fend for themselves. And the days he does get out of bed its because he is particulary down and takes in out on the boys. Since that day, The boys have been in danger, just like Lily and Branson

The End

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