The darkness of dereen woods

Me, Lily, Will, Felix, Lorcan and Hugo need to get away, fast.

I woke to the sound of Lily shouting my name. “BRANSON!” She yelled repeatedly. I eventually found the strength to heave my heavy bones out of the bed. I made my way towards Lily’s room. I tiptoed, making sure not to wake dad. I stilled ached from the beating dad had given me the night before. I opened the door and went over to Lily. “Whats up” I said, coolly. “I had another nightmare about dad, please help” She whimpered softly. “You know I’m trying my best to get away, I promise we will soon” I said, Not sure of my words.

     Dad was tough, mean and cunning. It would take a miracle to escape from him. Dad used to be fun, used to. I remember when he used to take me to the park and push me so high on the swings I thought I was flying. Ever since mum died, dad has seen no reason that anyone should live. He gets angry very quickly now, and he hits us a lot. Lily always saw dad as this mean guy, as mum died when Lily was only a few days old. But I trust dad just a tiny bit more, as I’ve seen his soft side. But I know we have to go now, He’s a danger to me and Lily. “Night Lily” I whispered as I kissed her cheek.

      I crept back to bed. I didn’t sleep much the rest of the night, I stayed awake tossing and turning trying to think of a way to catch dad out. And finally after hours of thinking it hit me. Dad on the odd occasion let us go to the library to do our homework, but only if we are really good. So that was the plan, the next time we’re allowed to go to the library, we’ll pack our school bags, but not with books, no, With essentials for living, and instead of going to the library, we leave New York, For good. 

The End

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