The darkness inside

What would you do if you discovered a darkness lurking inside you? How would you find the courage to shine the light?? Follow one girls story from the playground to the stage..where anything is possible..and good things happen to those who dare to dream.

Sarah was born on a sunny Sunday just before the arrival of the chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnys that annually heralded Easter. The nurse wrapped her in a lemon blanket and laid her in the cot beside her exhausted mother, who admired the bouquet of daffodils and tulips on the table,that some distant relation had sent her, before drifting off into a pleasant sleep. Sarahs father peered over the edge of the cot and gazed at his first child. "You're perfect", he whispered, tears of joy misting his eyes. He reached in to stroke her tiny hand with a finger,and she opened her little eyes. He pulled back a little, surprised. They were the darkest shade of brown he'd ever seen.

The End

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