part 4 Celebration Festival

Serina: {narrates} Michiko and I stood before my new door. She spoke to me the whole way to my room and the only think I could think was "Wait! My room is still inside of this castle" suddenly...

Michiko: {holding out a key} Here. This is yours.

Serina: um...wait just a sec...

Michiko: {shoves the key into her hand} I still have to speak to Dominic and enroll you into middle school as soon as possible. 

Serina: ah, school?

Michiko: Stop repeating everything I say. Now, {glares at her} Please on your good behavior. I will send someone a bit younger to you who also work within these walls. She'll show you the ropes.


Michiko: yes! What did you think you were here for...?

Serina: hm...I'm not really sure.

Michiko: {soften her glare and sighs} You will be cleaning. Don't worry. Everything will make sense soon enough. {begins to walk off}  Until then. please stay in your room.

Serina: {narrates} I was left standing there with the key in my hand before I rushed into my room to catch my breath. This whole place, to me, was very serial. It was lovely, and a little bizarre. But I think it's better than  I came from. 

{She leans against the bedroom door and looks around the room. Her eyes widen. It was a well furnished room. Her bags where placed on the bed. She walked to the bed an began checking her bag for all of her belongings. Everything was there. She walked to the window and pulled opened the curtains and looked around at the town. Her room had a beautiful view of the entry way of the town. She was about 4 floors up. And she could see the giant gate surrounding the town off in the distances. She looked at the gate and peered off to see where it ends. It didn't seem to.}

Serina: {sighs} Well, this isn't bad. But I am a bit....

{There is a knock at her door and she turns quickly. She walks to the door and opens it. A young girl a bit taller than her with wavy black hair to her shoulder and smoldering black eyes stood before her wearing a very well designed school uniform. She facial expression was very bleak, then she smiled and her face livened up.}

Imuko: Hi. My name is Nujimaru Imuko. It's a pleasure to meet  you. {bows}

{Serina bows slightly}

Imuko: {peeks into her room} Ohh, you got a good room. {smiles and looks at her} 

Serina: Oh....Maybe.

Imuko: Ooh....{places her hand on her face and smiles} I see, you're confused. Well, didn't Michiko tell you someone would be here to show you about?

Serina: Ah. Oh! {points} You're the one?

Imuko: {stares at her finger and chuckles} Yeah

Serina: That was fast. I'm sorry. {smiles nervously} I barely settled in and she just left telling me that she would be sending someone here. Oh! {moves out of the way} please come in.

{Imuko walks in, a bag in her left hand. She turns to Serina and holds the bag up.}

Imuko: This is for you. It's a tea set. My grandmother is into ceramics and heard about your arrival and made this for you.

{Imuko places the bag in her hand.}

Serina: Oh! For me! Thank you...I mean, tell her I said "thank you".

{Imuko smiles and turns to look about the room once more. Serina watches her.}

Serina: {thinks} she seems more interested in the room than me.....

{Imuko walks to the window and seems occupied by something in her mind, or rather something going on outside the window. Serina walks to a small desk in the room and places the bag down. She continues watching Imuko, waiting for her to say something. But when she doesn't she lowers her gaze to the bag. As she's was about to open it she spots an envelope on the desk, under the bag she just placed on the desk. Fancy cursive writing on the front of it. As she reaches for it Imuko's voice cuts in.}

Imuko: so why'd you come here?

Serina: {turns to look at her quickly. Imuko was watching her, thinks} How long was she watching me? {speaks} um....

Imuko: Oh! Right! {chuckles} I still have to show you about. Come on.. {walks towards the door, she stops and looks at her} 

Serina: Hm...Oh! 

{Serina hurries to her side and they both leave the room. Serina puts the key in her pocket as Imuko begins leading her down the hallway.}

Imuko: This must all be a shock for you, huh?

Serina: {looks at her} huh? Oh..oh yes. It is.

Imuko: Well, before your arrival it was very very busy. It hasn't calmed down either. {looks at her} of course no one here wants you to know about it.

Serina: I see.

{Imuko pushes open another door leading down a corridor with very tall windows which reached the ceiling. White curtains hung from the sides held by golden clamps to the edge of the windows. Outside of the window one could see a garden below and there were some older ladies decorating the garden, arranging flowers and vases and sweeping the grounds. Serina's gaze stayed outside of the window. Then a door opened to the left of them and Imuko stopped and grabbed Serina's arm to stop her has well. Serina's attention was quickly jolted to the action which begin unraveling in front of them. Two men were begin led out of a room, with double doors, by a younger lady. The two men were carrying a table. }

Young lady: Come back. Okay now stop. {points} Just place it down there for now. {looks at Imuko} Oh, Nujimaru? {looks at Serina} ohh. You must be the new arrival. {smiles}

Serina: {bows slightly} Hi. My name is....

{The young lady walks to Imuko and whispers something to her. They both chuckle.}

Imuko: {smiles} This is Takarada Serina. I'm to show her around. 

Young lady: Oh. I see. {look at Serina} Nice to meet you Takarada. My name is Eemuji Chieko. 

Serina: Nice to meet you.

Imuko: {begins walking} Come now Takarada. 

Serina quickly follows but continues staring at Chieko. Chieko walks back into the room. Serina looks at Imuko with a puzzled look.}

Imuko: {an assuring smile} She works in here as well. Hm...{stops and looks at her} Don't be deceived, she's very nice. But it takes her some time to warm up to strangers.

Serina: Um...

Imuko: {walks again and makes it to a past board} Okay. Here it is. {Serina walks to her side} This is the post board. It post some of the newest events. {looks at Serina and points} This is the bulletin for us. It tells us what floor we'll be working and what we'll be cleaning. Then once you're done, you turn in your sheet. {smiles} It's simple.

Serina: Sheet?

Imuko: Oh. {takes a sheet from the side of the post board} This. You fill it out, since you're new, just give it to me and I'll take it to the correct location. 

Serina: oh, thank you. {still confused}

Imuko: Don't worry, you'll be working with me for the first couple of days. {smiles}

Serina: Thank goodnes {sighs} But um.. {looks at her} what's going on? 

Imuko: Huh? 

{Serina stares at her as she walks to one of the windows.}

Imuko: Oh! {turns to her} There is a ball this week. {smiles}

Serina: ball?

Imuko: Yes. Well, more like a celebration festival. 

Serina: A festival?

Imuko: Yep. {smiles and walks ahead} C'mon. I'll show you some of the working areas so you can get a feel for everything.

Serina: {follows her} Um...what kind of festival?

Imuko: Hm....

{Serina stares at her but realizes Imuko won't answer. She looked ahead again.}

Imuko: Before you came in, did you see a young man with a very innocent face and very long hair tied into a braid?

Serina: Huh? {remembers the man she saw before walking through the gates} Oh...Hm..well, not really. Michiko told me not to look at him. But...

Imuko: That's right. But that doesn't stop some of us {giggles} Michiko is just an old goat who follows the rules way to much. 

Serina: {smiles} but she's a human, not a goat.

Imuko: {stares at her confused then shakes her head, they finally arrive at the end of the corridor.} Here we are. {looks at her and smiles} Oh, by the way. Welcome to Jima. 

The End

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