Chapter 2 part 3

{Suddenly she was staring eye to eye with a men. Most notably, the Emperor of this small town. Why? It became obvious to her by his attire. His hair was white or maybe it was so blond that it looked white. Either way he was not old at all. His white hair was long, and was neatly placed over his shoulder and out of the way of his face. His facial frame was quite slender. His eyes were pale blue, and his lips were quite thin. He was smiling, and something about the smile was....scary, and yet, mysterious. He was sporting an all white suit, and a dark red shirt underneath his suit jacket. Everything was ordered, and everything was very very neat. It was quite deliberate. She stared at him in awe.}

Serina: {thinks} Is this a men? This couldn't possible be the Emperor...could it? {narrates} Although slender, something in his eyes were quite strong. And there was such as aura coming off of him, that it was quite remarkable, that someone put my puniness to shame. 

{He raised his left hand to his face slowly and smirked. She realized she was staring and lowered her head quickly and apologized, in her head, to Michiko.}

Emperor: {laughs politely} Welll....

{There is a huge silence.}

Serina: {thinks} Is he talking to me? Do I respond? Oh no! I forgot the rules Michiko told me!! My heart is racing! This is embarrassing! He's laughing at me....

{He slowly paces back and fourth and walks to her.}

Emperor: Well my dear, don't you think this is a bit rude?

{She doesn't answer, she keeps her head lowered.}

Emperor: Hm....I said "don't you think this is rude"? Wow, aren't we quite the rude one, eh?

Serina: {mumbles} I'm...I'm so sorry. 

Emperor: eh?

Serina: Um...

Emperor: Well, don't look to the floor!

{He lets out a hug laugh, suddenly everyone begins to laugh. Serina raises her head slowly and looks around the room. She begins to blush.}

Serina: {thinks} This is horrible! Why are they laughing?

Emperor: Oh, lighten up my dear newbie. If there is one thing you should know, it is that I am always expecting of new comers. 

Serina: {looks at him} Um...

Emperor: {sitting in his chair} My name is Nujima Okium. 

Serina: {thinks} what...kind of name is that?

{He smiles}

Serina: um...{bows} it's a pleasure to meet you mister emperor sir holiness. 

Okium: Well, aren't we overly formal? Well, go on, introduce yourself.

Serina: Ah...{thinks} Is this the way it's suppose to go?

Okium: I assure you, you will likely be introducing yourself for some time. Get used to it my dear. 

Serina: name is Takarada Serina...I'm 14 years old....I um...I...{raises her arms above her head} I like the color orange!!!

{The room is completely silent. She plops her  hands over her mouth. She squints and waits for the laughter....There is nothing but silences. She places her hand on her forehead and closes her eyes.}

Serina: {thinks} Why...did I just do that?....

Okium: Well, we certainly welcome you. It's not everyday we gain new friends from the outside world.

{She looks at him. He is still staring at her.}

Serina: {thinks} The outside world?

Okium: I hope you enjoy my very small and quaint city. It isn't much however. 

{She continues to stare at him. Observing all the things that she couldn't while staring at the floor at the beginning of her arrival. Observing all the jewels he was wearing. The earrings, the rings, but no necklace. But many rings. She looks around slowly and realizes that all the people who were standing around the room are now gone. She turns her attention back to him. He is still sitting in the same chair...watching her.}

Serina: {thinks} I leave? What's going on?

Okium: {smiles} We are waiting for the one who lead you here. Michiko sure cane take her sweet time. 


Okium: You may be wondering why everyone was dressed up....

Serina: um...actually Mr. Nujima...

{The door of the room opens.  She looks over her shoulder to see Michiko entering the room. Okium stands.}

Michiko: {bows} I apologize for being so tardy. It took me some time to find her room. 

Okium: Please show her to her room. Dominic will give you her papers soon, and you can assist her the rest of the way. 

Michiko: Of course Mr. Nijima. {she goes to Serina and places her hand on her back to lead her out the room. Serina stares after Okium as he makes his way to a door near the farther end away from the exit. Michiko finally pulls her outside of the room and closes the door. Serina looks around the hallways in amazement.}

Serina: {thinks} where did everyone go?

Michiko: {slaps her arm} Didn't I tell you not to look him in the eyes?!

Serina: Ouch! {rubs her arm} That hurts...

Michiko: You have made such a bed impression....{places her hand on her face}

Serina: {looks down at her} I did?

Michiko: {walks ahead of her, mumbles} why did I get stuck with another rotten apple.

{Serina stares at her}

Michiko: {still walking} Come now, don't just stand there like a lost child. Follow me. 

Serina: ah! 

{Serina begins following after Michiko.}

Serina: {narrates} Everything about this whole beginning was a bit bizarre. I figured that it may have just been because of the strange custom or culture they had here. I never even considered contemplating on what he meant but "outsider". But I did wonder if there should  be such a huge differences from these customs and the customs in Japan, is the only thing separating the two was a giant gate and a few miles of distances? And this answer, after some time, became apparent. Yes. That gate was the only thing that stood between my world, and this new world I begin living from that day forward..... 

The End

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