Chapter 2 part 3: Whispers from beneath my door

1 day earlier

{The scene fades in from black into a small bedroom made for a small child. A shadowy figure sitting at the edge of the bed comes into focus. Then slowly, the lights dim in, and Serina is shown sitting on her bed with her knees to her face, a bit of fear and sadness is spread across her face. The lights slowly dim out, and beneath the door, we can see light from the other side of the door shining a glimpse of light upon her floor. She stares at it...but doesn't make a move. Two voices come into sound, a male voice, and a female voice.}

Male voice: {from on the other side of the door} Are you crazy!? You're talking about selling her?! 

Female voice: {also from the outside of the door} We can't take care of her anymore. 

Male voice: How can you possibly say this!? We brought her into our home! We took care of her...

Female voice: We can't take care of her!! Look at yourself! You call this a home!

{There is a pause. Serina stares blankly at the door.}

Female voice: {goes to a slight whisper} You have harmed everyone including yourself. And these memories may scar her for life.


Female voice: {continues} We will be paid quite well. I was even assured that she will be well taken care of and she'll even...

Male voice: {cuts in in a mumble} But what if it's them trying to take her away.


Female voice: {carefully spoken} There....there are no "them".....


Female voice: Please...just sign the paper. I think this will be good for her. Don't even think of it as selling. 

Male voice: Will we get the chance to see her again?....

Female voice: Of course. 

Male voice: Is...this....a contract?

Female voice: It's an agreement. Both guardians are to sign it. 

Male voice: And we'll receive payment for what reason?

Female voice: Well, she will work off the debt.


Female voice: He told me that she'll be put into school and everything would be paid for. But her work is to clean, and that's all. She does that here anyways, so....

{The lights under the door slowly dim out, and the bedroom fades out again. }

The End

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