The Darkness Chronicle I (Part 2)

Chapter 1

{Once through the gate, it becomes very apparent, that this town is like no other. The buildings are like those of a city, and yet, there is still a hint of an urban living. Serina takes time to absorb each and every treasure of this new world. As she makes her way past the many people who are filing the streets in an orderly fashion. She begins to wonder if this is how every new comer is greeted. No one said a word, and yet, however, it seemed that there was a kind of ecstatic wind about her arrival. Although with such a thought, each person either lowers their head in a slight bow, or lower their eyes from her. Each step she took, it seemed more and more clear that this may be something she should take seriously.}

Serina: {thinks}Something about this...feels a bit strange.{examines more of the people. One boy bows as she walks past him.} Ah! Wait, please don't do that. 

Michiko: {pats her back} This is it here.

{Serina raises her head and looks up. Her eyes widen a bit and she's taken aback. Before her lies something that is similar to that of a castle. It rises about four stories tall, with two white and golden banners hanging high upon the building.The building was made of cobblestone. It had an ancient look about it, but something about the white curtains hanging from the windows gave it a modern look.The banners flapped back and forth with the slight wind of the spring day, casting a dancing shadow upon her face and blocking the sun from her face just enough to view just enough detail of this building.}

Serina: {thinks}I....feel like I've been here before.....

Michiko: {pats her back} Go now. 

Serina: {looks down at her} Ah....oh right. {gathering herself again. She reaches for her bag}

Michiko: {moves them away from her} Do not worry about your bags. All of the preparations for your room has been prepared. Now hurry. {shooing her away} 

Serina: O...okay. 

{Serina stumbles forward, and she walks to the entryway of the massive structure. Here too, people have gathered. But these people were wearing uniforms. Maids, and butlers. They smiled and bowed slowly. She eased closer to the door.}

Serina: {thinks} Is it really this necessary....? Actually, this is making me kind of nervous....My heart pounding. Maybe I should just...

{A voice suddenly cut into her thoughts, and in an instant, she felt has if time had stopped. It was a voice that seemed familiar to her.She turned to her right to find a young man bowing to her. His blond hair following his movement. He raised his eyes to her slowly. His eyes were a strikingly amazing sky blue. His skin as flawless as the evening moon. Although such striking features presented itself, there was a sense of sadness in his eyes, and within that very instant, his eyes gave a quick look of confusion. Suddenly the sound of a gunshot burst goes off inside of her head and she raises her head quickly to find that she's standing on a flat sheet of clear blue water. A child's voice calls out to her in the distance, and as she turns, she's pulled back into reality. She finds that she is still walking. And that, although so slight, that moment is one that she would remember.}

Serina: {thinks}  What...what was that? {looks over her shoulders at him. He has his head lowered in a bow.} I know him? What was that just now?

Male voice: Welcome. 

{She looks forward to find herself standing at the doorway. The door was design in a  very detailed form. Cravings that looked like thorns which spread out and bloomed into other various designs. The door was a dark brown color and polished. Even the golden doorknob was designed to fit the theme of the door. She looked up slowly at the two men dressed in a fancy Gothic tuxedo with a tail extending down the backside. They bowed and pulled opened the door. She was instantly hit by the strong aroma of jasmine incense and the subtle smell of food. Lining the walls of the corridor are men and women dressed in formal attire. Some of the women smile slightly and bow, the men give gentle bows and stay in this fashion. On the floor is a red carpet covered in golden textile design. Serina steps in slowly and a confusing feeling creeps down her spine. She stops, and then continues her stride.}

Serina: {thinks} okay...okay. Maybe this is dread setting over me. I'll just have to keep thinking to myself....assuring myself....I'm not sure why I feel the need to do this. Just breath Serina. Breath and keep walking....But...what do I say to an Emperor anyways? 'Hello, what a beautiful home you have.....sir.."  No wait "mister!", that sounds strange. Do I just say Emperor?

{She swallows, but there is a lump in her throat, making it difficult for her to assure that once she makes it to the room, she will be okay. She makes it to the dead end of people; two women face her, they slowly bow.  She turns to her left to another fancy doorway. On the door frame rest a red curtain as it hugs the edge and flows out at the bottom. Two more men are standing at the door. She turns towards the door  slowly and steps to it. The two men bow and open the door. And now she was standing before a grand ballroom which seemed to spread in a huge vast circle. She froze up. There were people crowding the room, standing off to the side. Allowing space for her to enter. And there at the very end of this ballroom were about 10 steps leading up to a man sitting at a thorn. A red carpet, just like the one in the hallway spread out towards these steps, and ended at the very base.}

Serina: {thinks} Am....I suppose to walk there? What do I do? Lower my head right? {lowers her head} Don't make eye contact....don't look up....don't make eye contact. I'm so nervous!

{She trips a little, regains her footing, and continues her slow stride. Practicing her lines within her head, hoping that he will not ask her to speak. Suddenly a male voice booms out and fills the room. This voice, however, was different from any of the ones she heard say "welcome ma'am." This voice had an accent, and it had a strength about it. It was a bit heavy, and yet, there was something light about it. Playful.}

Male voice: Well, this is rather uncomfortable, now is it!

{She slows her pace, wondering if she should stop all together. Until she hears footsteps approaching her. She raises her head only a few inches, to see white male dress shoes coming from the steps, heading in her direction, and suddenly  stops in front of her.}

Man: {chuckle} You must be the new arrival. I was beginning to wonder if you had changed your mind.

Serina: {think} Is he talking to me? Is this the Emperor? Do I look up??

Man: Now now, Miss. Takarada, do not be afraid. I would like to see your face. 

{She hesitates, but slowly raises her face. Before her stood someone that she would never expect to see. There could be no chance that this person before her was the Emperor of this place.}

*Will continue later. Sorry!*

The End

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