The Darkness Chronicle I

A 14 year old girl names Serina finally makes her arrival at the town of Jima. A town, which at first glance, seems like a quiet town with loving and caring people. However, there is a very deep and dark history which lurks at the heart of the townspeople and it's leader.
Prologue: Serina makes her arrival to the town of Jima where she's greeted by a very strict elder lady named Michiko. She also catches a glimpse of a young man wearing a strange looking medallion.


(The scene comes into view. A taxi cab drives down a long and narrow path way. Trees crowd both sides of the road, their branches reaching out from all directions. Slowly, the view of a very tall wooden gate comes into focus . Serina, who had awaken some time ago, places her hand on the window wide-eyed at the huge structure she can see off in the distance. Her hair is light brown, the top half is pulled back with a clamp, while the rest of her hair flows down.)

Serina: {thinks} What is that? Is that a gate?! How huge!

(The cab finally makes it's approach. Serina continues to stare out the window in amazement. She then spots an elder lady and two standing guards outside of the gates as the cab comes to a halt. She stares at them in curiosity.) 

Serina: {thinks} Who are those people? Are those guards??

{The taxi driver, an elder man, looks back at her with a smile of missing teeth which looked stained from many years of coffee intake. He is wearing a worn sandy brown leather jacket, some black slacks and an old dark brown golfers cap.}

Taxi driver: That was quite some ride wasn't it?

{Serina smiles back at him. Suddenly, the door is pulled opened. She jumps a bit and looks to her side to see the elder lady who was standing at the gate, now standing at her door glaring at her. The elder lady was very short, and she was wearing a dark two toned purple kimono. And her hair is pulled back into a bun. Her hair too, is grey. She reached her hand out.}

Elder lady: Now now, don't just sit there like a rock. Get out of the car. 

Serina: ah ah! Right!

{Serina stumbles out of the car. She turns to looks at the elder lady making her way to the front of the taxi cab to have a few words with the driver. Serina examined her beautiful kimono. Then turned to look at the gate again. It was so much more taller than her. It stood so tall that one could not even see anything from the outside, even if they jumped up and down. She was then startled by the sound of something falling near the back end of the cab. She looked over her shoulder to see two older men grabbing her luggage from the trunk. She being walking towards them in a crippling fashion.}

Serina: {smiles nervously} You don't have to do that.

Elder lady: Now hush!

{Serina jumps and turns to see the elder lady behind her.}

Serina: Ah! I'm sorry!

{The lady just stares at her. Then she glances away from her.}

Elder lady: My name is Runi Michiko.

Serina: Oh! My name is Takara Serina. {about to bow}

Michiko: I know who you are! I am your escort of course.

{Serina looks at her}

Serina: My escort?

Michiko: Yes. Now, stop interrupting me. Now there are a few things you should know before you walk through those gates. 

1. When you see the Emperor never ever look him in the eyes. 

2. You must call the Emperor by the title: Emperor Nujima, and nothing else. If you do not, this will be seen as very horrible and distasteful behavior and people will likely distance themselves from you. 

3. You must bow when you are in the presences of the Emperor. And never speak unless asked to do so, when in his presences. 

{Serina is staring at the entryway of the gate as a man with long flowing hair, which is braided and creeps down to the very base of his back, makes his exit alongside a younger female standing to his right wearing very formal attire, and two man standing on his left wearing black suits, as they speak to the two guards at the entryway. Serina continues to stare at them, when suddenly there is a tug on her hair; pulling her down into a bow.}

Michiko: What do you think you are doing? {whispers to her with her head lowered} You never ever look in the face of him either.

Serina: {confused} Who is he?

Michiko: He is someone who you could never become. Stop asking questions. 

{Serina raises her head a bit when she hears a limo approaching beside them. The young men, the young girl and the two men in black suits make their way to the limo. Serina continues to peek up at them. She see the young girl enters the limo first, then one of the men in the black suit, followed by the young man. She catches a glimpse of a strange medallion around his neck.}

Serina: {thinks} Wow. Look at that.

{Before she could examine it further, his hand covers it. She looks up quickly to spot him glaring at her. His brown eyes pierced something deep within her. He continued on his way into the limo, followed by the other black suited man, and just as sudden as they appeared, they disappeared. Serina continued to stare after the limo.}

Serina:'s like he knew what I was thinking or something. Well, of course it may have been obvious that I was staring at his medallion, but...that glare was soul piercing. 

{Michiko grabs her arm}

Serina: {looks at her} ah

Michiko: Now listen to me. If there is anything you should pick from me, it would be this: "never, ever, delve into things you shouldn't."

{Serina stares at her. Then looks off at the gate. She points.}

Serina: Will I eventually get to go in there?

Michiko: Are you listening to me?!

Serina: yes yes! I'm sorry. {smiles} It's just.... {she puts her hand to her face}

Michiko: Just follow me. Now, when you get in there, you have to make your appearance present to the Emperor.

Serina: I have the Emperor??!

Michiko: You thought I was telling you those things for my own health.

Serina: {wide eyed staring off, thinks} I've never met such a person before! What am I going to do?

Michiko: Now, let's go, the Emperor becomes quite impatient with lateness. {she grabs Serina's two carriers and begins walking to the gate. Serina's face is covered with worried. And she slowly lowers her head.}


The End

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