I search in the darkness, I lost myself and all the bodies fell down. I stand alone int the cold whitewash room and broken soul.
I can't say for certain weather this was a dream, the darkness seemed to creep forward but I can't face the darkness alone. It pulled me under and tore at my skin, I saw the person with no face and the blood written letters of my name.
They reached out towards me and their skin seemed to tear on their face creating a crude mouth that had rows of teeth. They bit into my hand and I screamed,

"Help me! Someone help me!" The person let go and smiled at me with their blood covered mouth, they smiled with no eyes to show what the smile was, only the name that was written across their face.

I felt a searing pain on my face and collapsed on the fall, screaming. My body convulsed and I lifted a hand and felt deep gashes on my face that was like that of the thing in front of me. I screamed, I couldn't stop screaming.

Is this world real or am I burning in hell?

 The thing came towards me, taunting me with my name that was written on it's face, I heard it's voice like dry leaves in an empty forest. It gave me a sick twisted smile and spoke again, this time I could understand what it said,

"It hurt, you know? The pain you've caused me for the rest of my twisted life. So let's us go and meet in hell to dance with the Devil and stab God in the back."
Tears ran down my face from the burning hell on my face, this thing was pure evil. Evil that caused me pain and haunted my dreams like a plague.

The thing seemed to fade away and I woke up to a room I didn't recognize. I lifted my hand to my face and screamed as I felt bandages around my face. I began to rock back and fourth whispering,

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no..."

My being no lounger exists. My life is not my own, I am jut a weapon. My life is a nightmare, a sick joke of the creator. I'm no longer human, I am something else.

I never had dreams only nightmares that suck me dry. Something is choking the life inside, that thing is the monster in my head.

A monster that is a danger to the world, a monster that even God fears. A monster who controls God. A monster who is tearing me up inside, pulling me in.

I am frail and broken, covered in wounds that appear from my dreams, people are hurt around me. Like my mum.

"Mummy..." I whispered, I am dead in side. I wander in the nothing, I live for the dieing that is what the monster wants. I am lost forever.

Shadow's crawled across the walls around me, I looked around the room, it was white with a metal door at one end and a single bed bolted to the floor. A mirror was on the wall across the room but I knew it was an observation booth. I felt angry, I wanted a normal life, the shadows moved towards the window's and cried out in fear as a scratch appeared on the mirror, running deep into the glass.

That's when I began to scream, I couldn't stop screaming. Voices, why could I hear voices? Voices that wouldn't stop! Voices that told me things they shouted and screamed in pain with me and I couldn't take it.

"SHUT UP!!!!" I screamed, I tore at the bandages that covered my face. I heard a hissing noise but I was still screaming. Mist floated into the room making me feel weak, I feel against the bed and darkness once again took control of my life.

The End

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