I made my way to school, slowly, dragging my feet. The closer I got to school, the closer I got to my personal hell. The other children taunted me, beat me up. My adoptive family didn't notice nor care. They dismissed the bruises with a cruel coldness I'd only experienced at the hands of my old father. I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. Even saying the word 'father' sent me into a spasm of panic. I began to sweat, fear filled my broken heart.


That was the past, that was the past, that was the past...


That's when I remembered it, the dream. The dream I'd had 5 days ago, the dream I'd tried so hard to erase from my memory. I could smell the blood, taste it in my mouth. Disgust filled me; I was desperate to get rid of it. I spat at the ground, trying to make it leave me. All that earned me was a sour look from an old lady.

I froze, she had bright red lips. I backed into the road, narrowly missing a car which swerved around me.


Lipstick... it's just lipstick...


Embarrassed I retreated too the other side of the road and ran the rest of the way to school.  An overwhelming sense of relief filled me as I ran through the tall gates. The whole school was grey, but it was strangely comforting. No one could hurt me here. Well no one but Terry.


Look... its Terry and his friends. Turn around, turn around now. Go towards the drama block.


I sighed, this voice... it was haunting me, even if it had saved me from breakdowns quite a few times. Ever since the dream it had been in my head. Directing me, showing me the right path. Was I insane? Probably.


Insane? No, just special. You've been chosen.


There it was again... trying to make me feel better. It gave me good advice but I couldn't help wishing it would leave my poor brain alone.


You idiot! You just walked straight into the crowd of idiot boys that are even more idiotic than you. Idiot.


"Go away!" I said to no one in particular, trying to rid my head of voices.


"Look at the little girl... talking to herself. The loony. I feel sorry for the family that has to raise her. Oh wait, she doesn't have one!" The leader, Terry sneered at me. He was big (fat) and ugly. He found comfort in picking on other people, especially me.


"Oh dear... she needs a lesson! Homeless cow!" He shouted harshly. I could feel the whole school watching me, even the walls. Anticipation surrounded me, what would I say.

Say nothing... let him do it. Let him punch you and kick you, but nothing more. Then you must run. He has a knife, you must, must run.


I gasped a knife? Terry misinterpreted my gasp for a gasp of terror, and began to smirk.


"Oh dear, she's scared. Poor little homeless tramp. Let's get her boys." He swung to punch her, but was stopped. Like a force surrounded me. He kicked out angrily, but fell back. Fury covered his ugly features. "What are you doing you tramp! You'll regret this!" He pulled out the knife that was cleverly stowed in his bag, and swung round. It bounced of off whatever was protecting me and doubled back on him. Straight through his heart. His face twisted into confusion, then blankness.


Terry was no more.

I was overwhelmed with alarm. What did I do now?!



I kicked out at Terry's friend that was advancing towards me, and then I ran. I ran like I'd never run before. Out the gate and into the surrounding woods. Cries followed me, but I kept on running. Deeper and deeper into the forest, allowing myself to get lost.


When I felt my legs could really take no more, I collapsed in a heap next to a river, and fell into a deep sleep.




"Mum? Mum is that you?" I gasped, there was my mother. She was there. I reached out my shaking hand and touched her pale face.

"Yes my child... it's me. I'm here for you. I won't let her hurt you." My mother replied, her gentle voice soothed me.


"Who? Who mummy? Who's going to hurt me? What do they want? Don't let them hurt me mummy..."


"This... this is who is going to hurt you." She lifted her silk top to reveal cuts on her stomach. They made a formation, I squinted my eyes... A face. A face that taunted me.


"No mummy... don't let it hurt me..." it burned red, its evil eyes watching me. "No mummy please... I love you!" I grabbed her hand, but the evil face was taking over her. Her face paled, and her eyes turned a demonic red. She grabbed my face, and began tearing at my skin.


"Mummy, mummy no. I need my skin mummy..." I cried, trying to get away. She peeled off my skin, then forced me to look in the mirror. Terror gripped me, this wasn't my reflection staring back at me... it was the lady I had seen in my dream. I tore away from her, and ran again.



"Help me! Please!" I shouted weakly. What was happening to me? The sudden darkness enveloped me... dragging me in.


"Mummy... where are you mummy?" I touched my cheek, it was wet from tears. My heart ached more than ever for the only person I wished for. I stood up, stumbling over to the river, my throat ached.


I flinched back from the moon shadowed water, causing ripples to dance over the surface. My senses became dizzy; the world seemed to spin around me. My limbs felt heavy, the ground came rushing up to meet me. I felt dry leaves under my face.


I dimly heard footsteps approached and a pair of black leather shoes stopped just in front of my nose. Hands reached down towards me

My limp body flung over someone's shoulder like a sack of potatoes

And that was all I remembered of my past, the future only held pain for me.

Pain that caused my flesh to change and my life to become pointless

My dream doesn't exist in the future

My life is no longer mine. I just float in the endless darkness waiting for the time I am needed


My dream doesn't exist in the future. I don't think it even existed in the past

The End

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