The Darkness Age

A whitewashed room seemed to almost be sitting on a slant. The highback window was the only source of light that filtered into the room, the was no door and the corners were home to hidden shadows.
   In the middle was a chair, I hadn't noticed anyone else in the room until this point. On the chair sat a person with deathly white skin and snow white hair, the person wore a white dress and sat with the hands on their lap.
   The room seemed to rotate until I saw, or rather didn't see the persons face. The place where it's face should have been was just a blank sheet of white skin, a red line drew itself across the face writing something, blood ran out of the cuts, it was as if the face had a knife drawing on it, yet there was no knife to see.
   The writting stopped and the blood seeped out of the freshly drawn lines of the blank faces' forhead. The carved writing spelt out a name, I realised it was my name. A knife appeared in the body's chest, penertrating from the heart as if it was stabbed in the back. But that was impossible there was no one to stab the body that beared my name, I tried to reach forwards but my body was immobilized. Pain crept up through my limbs, setting my whole body on fire.
   I looked down, a knife stuck out of my chest, the same place the body bearing my name had been stabbed. I felt myself cough into my hand, a wet substance was gagged up onto my hand. 
My hand shook as I took it away to look, blood covered my hand dripping off to land in a puddle at my feet. I felt my lungs fill up with blood as I fell to the floor coughing up more blood. I felt my vision dim, blackness crept into my mind like a blade.
   I looked up once more at the room my vision blurred, in front of my stood the person on the chair, my name carved into it's face with the invisible knife. Knife still sticking out of where it's heart was, it held something in it's hands. I tried to focus on it, in the persons hands sat a crystal flower, a crystal petal fell off it. Slowly falling down to land in the blood that I had coughed up, the crystal petal darkend until it turned black. The person pushed the crystal flower towards me, I lost my grip on life, I felt myself slip further down into the dark abyss.

I sat up gasping in the darkness of my room. The window sat open, as moonlight streamed through the billowing curtains. I felt a sickly sheen of sweat on my body, I reach up towards my heart, there was no knife. I felt something wet on the covers of my sheet, I touched it, the substance was warm. I lifted my hand to my face and saw blood covering it. I retched over the side of my bed, throwing off my covers. I sat there shaking in the darkness, my knees drawn close to my chest. I vile taste of barf still lingered in my mouth, I couldn't move. I was paralysed. What is happening to me?
The dream of me being stabbed, a person with no face having my name carved on their face. A crystal rose and then me waking up to find my sheets covered in blood.

The End

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