The Darkness

A car skiddin into the bushes
why didnt he just stay beside his car??

The car trundled along the road, heading off into the darkness, the rain pounding against its hood. Dan was perched behind the steering wheel, not really sure where he was anymore, trying to see past the rain, which was getting heavier and heavier, making it almost impossible to see anything.

The car began to skid, screeching off into the bushes surrounding the roadside.

Dan crawled from the overturned car, blood streaming down the side of his face, his body engulfed in pain. He tried to pull himself up but he couldnt manage it, so gave up and just lay in the darkness, staring at the sky- waiting for his body to recover. After around ten minutes, he made another attempt, summoning all of his strength he managed to get to his feet. Steggering for a few moments, he managed to prop himself against a tree.

"What do I do?" he thought. Then there was a rustling sound to his right hand side, followed by the sound of footsteps. He shouted for help, but no sound escaped his lips as the footsteps faded into the darkness.

Without thinking he began to follow them, even though it led him into pitch black darkness, illuminated only by the pale moonlight. Half an hour later he was still staggering around, looking for some sign of life, the pain in his body becoming more and more intense. He continued to walk, slowly getting farther and farther from his car.

Then he collapsed.

He woke up about an hour and a half later, squinting into the darkness, trying to gauge his surroundings. He was in a room, how he got there he did not know, his head was bandaged, still poundin but bandaged. Saved(but by what exactly).

He lay for a few minutes more, trying to think how he had ended up in the room, but he couldnt picture anything after he had crawled from the wreck that used to be his car. Standing up, he limped around the room, his eyes becoming accustomed to the darkness, he looked for some possibel source of light,(he was in luck) an ancient lamp lay in the corner, he edged towards it(his legs burning fom the pain, almost bringing him to tears) and manged to switch it on, filling the room with a dusty light.

The room was totally empty, except from the bed, the lamp, Dan(obviously!) and about fifty years worth of dust. Then a wailing sound split the silence, echoing around the small tomb of a building, sending shivers up Dans spine.

Not really sure he should, Dan stepped forward towards the sound, pushing the door open and string into the darkness it revealed. He began to walk to the right, his footsteps reverberating on the stone walls surrounding him. He reached a door which looked as though it was going to fall off and squeezed past it, another empty room, but with a huge oak door at the opposite side, he approached it apprehensively, a droning sound reaching his ears as he got closer. His hand grasped the doorknob, but he stopped. Do I really want to open this? he questioned himself (apart from wanting to know the noise, not really) but curiosity got the better of him.

The door was pushed open moments later, revealing a huge spiral staircase, the noise getting louder as he began to walk down them, it was like a chanting sound, then he reached the end of the steps.

And in the room?

Well for a start it was more of a huge stone cave than a room, and it was packed with people(never mind a cat, there was no room to swing a mouse or even a piece of a mouse, which lay on the floor in a mousetrap, the legs a few inches away) all of whom were chanting(what they were chanting is anybody's guess, but it was a chant). Dan tried to move closer to the front.

As he moved the full size of the room hit him like a train, making himm realise he was way out of his depth, he tried to move backwards, heading for the exit, his way was blocked, he spun round, two huge men(they must be wrestlers he thought) were blocking off the staircase- never mind the staircase they were blocking half the room.

Why did he have to follow those footsteps ?

They dragged him to the front, to a man whom i can only guess was the leader, who put his hand up. The chant changed instantly, this time a lot clearer.

"One of us, One of us, for all eternity and beyond" was echoing around the room as they all moved in towards Dan.

That was the last time Dan had control over his body or mind, ever, ever again.

The End

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